10 Best WordPress Themes For Authors

Best WordPress Themes For Authors – Are you an author who starting a personal blog website? Or searching for a best WordPress theme for authors? As an author, you have to give a better reading experience for readers when letting them a link with you and buy your books. In this guide, we will show you some incredible ways to choose a Best WordPress theme for authors that you can use on your blog website.

WordPress is one of the best perfect platforms to design blogs and websites for authors. It enables you the freedom and flexibility to connect with visitors and to grow your author profile.
First, you have to ensure that you are using the accurate platform to build your WordPress website with best WordPress themes for authors. The author’s themes provide you the freedom to make use of any single feature of WordPress on your blog website.

There are both free and premium WordPress themes available for authors on the internet, so you can choose any of them that fulfill your needs. Before buying any WordPress theme for authors make sure the theme is mobile responsive. The most Dangerous Game Theme

There are thousands plus theme available on the internet if you can search them all if you would take plenty of days. So how can you explore the perfect one that fulfills your website requirements?

Choosing the accurate WP theme is much important –

If you an author and looking for a best WordPress theme for authors so the right one provide your content style, making it responsive around devices, while also loading your site within seconds. However, there are a lot of themes in the pool, it can be a bit difficult job to choose the best one possible.
Before spending your time customizing one or purchasing a theme, be sure to read through our guide when it comes to choosing the perfect WordPress theme for authors.

Best WordPress Themes For Author
Best WordPress Themes For Author

Why should you Need a perfect WordPress themes for authors?

The WordPress theme for authors that you select for your WP website should complement the content of your website. For example, if you are a beginner and starting your own blog website on social issues or on politic etc., then you would require a theme that improves readability.

A lot of WordPress themes for authors comes with plenty of options for customization. If any of author WordPress theme is not correctly coded, then the options of customization make it a bit complex for you to change them or make use of additional WP plugins. You will be locked into that WordPress theme for authors or will have to pay a developer of the theme to help you switch.

On the other hand, there are some best WordPress themes for authors that looks pretty good and professional. These themes make your blog website very slow, so always try to buy a WordPress theme that should be load very fast. However, no one likes slow loading speed blog websites, especially Google, which prefers to rank faster websites higher. If you look at Google ranked websites on no.1, then you recognize that Google loves faster loading websites.

The theme is actually a face of your WordPress website, it plays a significant role in how Google search engines, as well as your site users, perceive it.
Maybe you’ve listened to the saying, ‘All that glitters is not gold’.

In Short:

Here’s a quick list of the features to keep in mind when choosing the perfect WordPress theme for authors to promote, increase readability and sell your ebooks or books.
• Make a Coming soon simple page or landing page to increase readability and promote the launching of your ebook or book.
• To make changes you should need to add a call to action buttons to help with conversions.
• Create a section for the review where you can feature the comments of your readers or visitors.
• If you are selling ebooks or books on your website for authors then you have to make filters to enable readers to choose books by price, author, genre, etc. (especially for an eBook store)
• Create a payment gateway where you can easily process secure payments to your users.
• Crisp illustrations and Clean typography.
• Select a best WordPress theme for authors that have attractive fonts and icons sets.
• WordPress theme for authors should have layouts for both pages and posts (such as page builders, premade layouts, etc.).
• As an author, you need to create some sections where you can display highlights, chapters or a summary of the book.

These are the points that can enable in Best WordPress theme for authors. Make sure you are choosing the WordPress theme for your author’s blog website that should support all these features. If the theme for authors has these features then you can easily increase, promote and improves the readability of your content.

How to Choose a perfect WordPress themes for Authors

When it comes to blog or websites, the first thing the creator has to decide is about the template or theme. The theme actually helps you to set up your website and sets your website tone. It also defines the blog website and is the initial clue readers have regarding a website purpose.

When an author selecting a theme, they have to choose one that both captures a reader’s focus and helps the users explore – and purchase – the work of authors.
If you want to set up your website for authors, or you require to rebrand or refresh your whole author’s website. Then you must consider the WordPress themes made exactly for authors or that can be adjusted simply.

WordPress is a platform where you can create every type of website with the help of the theme. That’s why if you want to make an author’s website you should need a perfect WordPress themes for authors.
Before selecting the WordPress theme for an author you should need to take a look below at the steps that can take to ensure that you choose the best theme for your blog website.

Try for Simplicity

A lot of WP themes comes with flashy animation, complex layouts, plenty of colors, etc. Sometimes you may require those things on your author’s website, but in most cases, you don’t, in fact, need all that.
Always choose responsive WordPress themes because it will help you adjust their layout around different devices and screen sizes.

A large amount of the audience is made from handheld devices including tablets and smartphones. Depending on the topics of your website, this number might go even greater than 50 percent of your audience.

In the search results of mobile Google shows most mobile-friendly authors blog website. Despite your websites demographics and topics, your authors WordPress theme have to be fully mobile ready and responsive.

Browser Compatibility

Your readers will be using a lot of browsers. So you have to choose the best WordPress theme for authors that may look perfect on all of the browsers.

This is where compatibility of the browser comes in. A lot of theme developers test their themes thoroughly by using different tools of browser compatibility testing.
After using tools they may show this on the website. But if they don’t mention it on your website then you need to check your author’s theme by yourself on different internet browsers such as Safari, Firefox, google chrome, internet explorer etc.

Supported Plugins

The plugins of WordPress is the real power of WordPress. With the help of plugins, you can do anything you want with your blog website. There are a sufficient amount of WordPress plugins available for every website. Like W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms and much more!
Ensure that you choose the best WordPress theme for authors that must support all popular plugin. If you are unsure, you need to ask the developer of theme about it.

Multilingual + Translation Ready

A lot of websites that are based on the WordPress platform are not in the English language. You can be making a blog website in a different language. Maybe in the future, you need to create a multilingual WordPress site.
Ensure the author theme that you select for your WordPress blog website support multilingual WordPress plugins.

Page Builders

The page builder is WordPress plugins that enable you to make the layout of the page through the drop and drag user interface.

A lot of premium WordPress themes for authors come with pre-installed page builder. Few of these page builder is only used by the developer of the theme.

To build landing pages using such a page builder can create plenty of unwanted and undesirable code. If you ever switch the theme, then those landing pages will need countless cleaning up.
You need to choose the best WordPress theme for authors that are allowed to install a lot of page builder plugins. If you want to make use of other themes as well then you can also separately buy these page-builders.

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