12 Useful exercises that helps to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy

 12 Useful exercises that helps to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a very normal thing, but it turns into a big problem when weight gain turns to imbalanced continuity. During pregnancy, a high weight gain can increase the discomfort of the pregnant women.

12 Useful exercises that helps to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy
12 Useful exercises that helps to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy

Some women have a fatty body with a lot of weight before pregnancy. Increasing weight with intensity indicates a bad situation along with the pregnancy. In the normal case, a bad weight gain is harmful to any person.

When we talk about pregnancy period, this situation refers to some serious complications before and at delivery.

Below are some bad health conditions a pregnant woman can face due to access gain of weight:

  • Painful pregnancy period:

Only those women can understand the pain and discomfort during the period of a nine-month pregnancy, which has given birth to a child.

We have numerous options to reduce the discomfort of holding a baby inside. Use of best pregnancy pillows makes the relaxing hours more comfortable.

Ladies with extra weight suffer from more pregnancy sickness like quick tiredness, uneasy to manage the day to day activities, headaches, morning sickness and more. So weight management is extremely important.


  • The danger of gestational diabetes:

The risk of development of gestational diabetes may occur if pregnant ladies carry too much weight. To maintain the level of glucose in the blood, our body produces insulin in enough quantity.

In the case of gestational diabetes, the body of a pregnant lady may fail to produce insulin in required quantity. Although this specific disease does not stay for a lifetime as it disappears after pregnancy, the worst thing is the risk is high of diabetes level two in upcoming next pregnancy.


  • Complicated delivery:

A lady with overweight is most likely to have the trouble situation during delivery. Normal delivery is very less seen in overweight ladies.

Normal delivery of a large baby of an overweight lady presents very painful labor. This is important to control rapid weight gain to avoid surgery and painful normal delivery.


The comforting products like body pillows for pregnancy can reduce the sufferings; there are a lot of things to control unnecessary pain.

To avoid such discomfort from your journey with your baby bump, this is really very important to manage your weight before you plan for a baby and continue to manage till delivery.

Taking harmful medicines and avoiding food to lose weight is a wrong idea, as your baby needs extra nutrition to grow better. Some safe and light exercises can help in weight management during pregnancy without any side-effect.

Below are some very simple and light exercises for those women who really want to protect themselves and their babies from unwanted disease and complications:

  1. Walk:

Walk is necessary for everyone. Other people can practice numerous exercises but for pregnant women, it is quite difficult to practice all weight loss exercises.

They have to choose some light and simple exercises. The walk is perfect for pregnant women in maintaining their weight.

Doctors also suggest walking after having a meal or after taking rest. It is quite effective to maintain the right blood flow in your body. The walk is also helpful to provide huge relief from pregnancy pains like swelling on feet and painful ankles.


  1. Yoga:

Yoga is the light exercise that works magically on the baby’s growth. This is also helpful in managing weight in the easiest way.

Yoga is also helpful in reducing pregnancy discomfort. Each pregnant lady requires doing some stretching exercise of yoga.


  1. Meditation:

A cool and calm mind along with the balanced body of pregnant women shows healthy fetal growth. Meditation is helpful in promoting your spiritual wellness and fitness.

This is a rare way to control your entire body and your desires. Few minutes daily to practice meditation can effectively help in weight management during pregnancy.


  1. Swimming exercises:

Morning sickness and joint pains are common symptoms of pregnancy. But in some cases, these symptoms irritate a lot.

Ladies with overweight feel more pain in comparison with normal weight women. Swimming in pregnancy supports female in managing their weight with little efforts. Swimming also provides a pleasantly light feeling during floating in the water.

A fixed schedule of swimming can be very helpful in this situation. Doctor advice is a must before starting swimming in pregnancy as few ladies with baby bump has some complications from the beginning.


  1. Zumba (slow dance movements):

Zumba is a pregnancy dance in which ladies need to practice some easy and slow movements. Heavyweight raises the trouble in body movement, routine work, and relaxation.

Zumba magically helps to defeat all physical challenges, illness, and cramps.

This dance practice also keeps the body in balance. Ladies with a baby bump can practice Zumba at home, in parks with their friends and family.


  1. Lightweight lifting:

Very lightweight especially for pregnant women is advice to lift for safe and perfect weight management.


  1. Aerobics with soft tools:

Pregnancy tools like best pregnancy pillows and balls works as a great support system to our body in pregnancy period. Pregnancy balls are used to practice some exercises with more comfort.

So the pregnant women are advised to practice aerobics exercise with these balls to manage their weight in the most comfortable manner.


  1. Aerobics in water:

Nine months period of pregnancy is a very tough period. Women have gone live under several restrictions during this time.

In such condition, water aerobics will fill their life with joy and will also work on weight management.


  1. Leg lifts:

extended leg lift is helpful in relaxation from cramps, weight managing, and flexibility. Do not point and stretch too much to avoid any mishappening.


  1. Kegal exercises:

This exercise is amazingly helpful in weight management and improved muscles health.


  1. Pilates:

This pregnancy exercise is quite effective for better physical and mental health. Female who do not prefer too much work out will love this exercise.


  1. Squat:

Practicing squat with regular routine works to control weight imbalance and also provide ease in labor.


Some useful tools like body pillows for pregnancy can help pregnant ladies in proper sleep and rest. But above mentioned exercises will help in you in your entire routine activities and labor condition.

Right weight management is a key to live a healthy life. Safe and secures exercise practice is most important. Use of soft cushions, non-slippery mats, and other tools can effectively reduce the discomfort and chances of mishappening practice.

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