20+ Best WordPress Themes For Travel Blogs

Best WordPress Themes For Travel Blogs

Best WordPress Themes For Travel Blogs- For creating travel blogs WordPress is a great platform, but it won’t guarantee a creative site on its own. The much of the functionality, as well as the whole design of your blog website, almost entirely depends on you and on the theme that you going to select.

There are tons of WordPress themes available that are particularly made for travel blogs. The themes include many features including beautiful blog displays, images sliders, and embedded maps. If you want to “wow” your readers, then you need to select the best WordPress themes for travel blogs.

Are you searching to buy a theme for your travel blog? Then you need to choose the WordPress platform. WordPress has a lot of great features for blogging but installing one of the best WordPress themes for travel blogs. If you need a feature-rich and high-quality WordPress design then you need to buy the theme that fulfills your requirements.

There are plenty of WordPress themes that are specially created just for travel bloggers. Whereas there are some WordPress themes that comes with multi-purpose options. These themes work well for a large variety of project. On the other hand, the sufficient amount of travel themes include at least pre-built demo site. And content that’s been intended to build a WordPress travel blog.

In addition to, all the templates, layouts and pre-built contents. The best WordPress themes for travel blogs are filled with settings and advanced customization options. By using the control panels, in just a few clicks you can personalize multiple features of your travel blog website. If you need additional control over the website appearance. Some of the best WordPress themes for travel blogs include page builder tool that makes it easy to edit the pre-built content.

Best WordPress Themes For Travel Blogs
Best WordPress Themes For Travel Blogs

Why should you Need a perfect WordPress themes for travel blogs

If you a kind of person who loves adventurous journeys and enjoys seeing the world in different ways and everything it has to offer. Or if you are a kind of traveler who probably takes document and images of the trips. So you can share your thoughts and ideas about the journey with your family and friends to cherish the memories forever. But have you thought of doing it all online on a website or blog? With the help of a travel blog, you can always update your fans and readers so they can see precisely where you are and what you are doing.

Travel blogs are one of a great way to provide information to your readers about your traveling and adventure. Now maybe you are thinking that how you get started your own travel blog. Well, you don’t need to anxious regarding that because it’s too simple now – with one of the best WordPress themes for travel blogs.

If you are creating a fresh WP blog website – for your tourism company or personal travel blog. You need to buy a theme and before buying you must have to check out the following things in your theme. Below is a quick list of things to consider for your website theme.


Images and photos are one of the best ways to show your culture or tell about the new place you visited. Make sure the theme you selected has space to showcase your photographs.

Find-Worthy Website Structure:

If you are a travel blogger, maybe you should create your posts by country. Adding cities in the country or topics including nature and food. Buy a theme that enables some kind of interactive map, which makes your trip even extra visual.

Useful & SEO-friendly content:

As we all know that most of the website audience won’t be direct to your website. Also, the readers of your website probably aren’t typing the URL of your website to their internet browsers.

Instead, they’re Googling. Such as:

If any user planning or search for trips to several countries. They check out favorite traveling blogs a well as do research on Google by just writing “trips to several countries.” There are plenty of websites come with a lot of content to the reader to find a useful article regarding their trip. These first page articles are SEO optimized content.

Follows, Shares, Likes:

While your audience is not traveling (or Googling), they’re probably tweeting, Instagram-ing, and Facebook-ing. Ensure the theme you buy for your WP blog website has built-in features like Facebook news feeds, follows, and share buttons.

Scheduling & Booking capabilities:

If you are planning to launch a blog website that includes multiple features. Like a site takes books tours, payments options, and has extra features for scheduling. Ensure that the theme you going to buy for travel blogs must have these options and it works pretty easily. So it cannot waste the time of the visitor with website glitches.

How to Choose a perfect WordPress themes for travel blogs

Make sure the best WordPress themes for travel blogs that you selected fulfill all of the requirements you want in your blog website. It almost entirely depends on you and your requirements. That what exact niche you want to reach or what type of content you can use on your blog website. This will help you choose a perfect WordPress theme and lead to knowing exactly what your expectations from the blog are.

Do you love traveling or it’s your one of the best hobbies? Then a greater way of gathering memories or documenting your trips is to create a travel blog website. On the other hand, nowadays it’s pretty easy to create and set up a blog website. For launching a travel website, you simply need to buy and pick the right design that matches you and your blog website needs and requirements.

Choosing the accurate theme for a blog website can be a bit difficult task to perform. It will also take a lot of time. Below I will mention some key points that you should consider before buying the best WordPress theme for travel blogs. These key points can really help you to make your blog stand out.

Responsive & stylish:

Make sure the theme you going to buy have an organized, and catchy layout for your blog website. Responsive and stylish design attract visitors so that the readers will have the great experience while reading about your trips. In addition to, if you want to do SEO or want to rank your website on Google, you just need to create a responsive website. Responsive website help readers to read blogs on lots of devices. It’s one of the great and better option to consider.


When it comes to the type of content that you post on your blog. Post a quality content on your travel blog website. It’s one of the great benefits to having flexibility and in ranking. Pretty frequently traveling suggests taking a sufficient amount of pictures, in addition, the textual and video content. This is why it’s required and preferable that the theme you going to buy can have all of these easy to use features.

Highly Customizable:

Since traveling is entirely connected to your personal experience. It’s pretty significant to have as a lot of options as possible for customizing your blog website. Make sure theme you choosing for your WordPress website is highly customizable.

Social Media Integration:

For travel blogs, it’s very important and useful to have social media sharing options. With the help of social media integration on your blog website, you can easily post your adventures, content, and articles on social media websites. It also helps you to gain more traffic on your website with the social media shares. Social Media is one of the best ways of gathering an online community around your website.

Since traveling to different places and countries implies a lot of planning. And posting every moment of your adventure it might be a difficult task for you to do. So before buying the best WordPress themes for a travel blog, make sure it has all the features that suit your needs. As well as the theme is according to the content you plan on using on your travel blog website.

Now that you have read that how to choose a perfect WordPress theme for travel blogs. Find out which theme is perfect for you that also match to showcase the entire of your traveling adventures. Show all of your adventures, the sights and things to the world that you have seen. By launching a travel blog you are not just sharing the experience of your traveling with other but you are also preserving them forever. So start documenting and recording you’re traveling experiences on your blog website with the help of choosing the best WordPress themes for travel blogs.

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