How To Backup Contacts From Android

Are you thinking to reset your android phone Or If you are updating your smartphone it can be a good idea to backup your all contacts before doing.
Do you Know How To Backup Contacts From Android ? It is very impotent to know how to backup your all contacts from your android smartphone. Because anytime you can loss your smartphone. If you dont want to loss any contact then kindly flow our 2 ways.

Way One: – Backup Your Android Contacts in Gmail account. So You Need Gmail account. Setup your gmail account in your android phone
Way Two:– Backup your all contacts in your Computer/Laptop. It is also easy Process.

Now lest Show you How to Backup Contacts From Android to Gmail account.
1st: Click Setting App > Now Find Account From setting menu > Then Click Google. Now Enter your Gmail ID and Password and Login. “Look The Picture“.

2nd: Now Click Backup & Reset From Setting Menu. If you Can not Find Backup & Reset Option Then again Go to setting app> now find advance setting then try to find Backup and Reset Option.
Then You will see “Backup My data”. Enable /On This Option. “Look The Image”

3rd step: Now Open contact App. Then see your all contacts. Now click More Option or Open Similar Option.Now See Import/Expert Option. Click Import/Export. Now See Few Import Options from where You want to Import. If your all contacts are in SIM 1 Then choose Sim One. Then You will Get Import to Gmail/Google And Import Your all contacts. “If Your all Contacts are saved in your phone Then Select “Import from storage” or similar select similar option. Then Import Contact to Your Gmail. “Look The Image”.

4th step: Now Go to your Gmail Account  . Now Click Gmail>Contacts “(Look The Picture”). You Can see Your all contacts in gmail account. Now you can download all contacts in your laptop/computer if you want.


Ways Two:You Can Export Your Contacts In your computer/Laptop. It is also easy process. At First Connect your Phone with PC or laptop using USB cable.
1st step: Open your Contact App. Now Click More or Similar. Then Click Export/Import. Now Choose Export Option and Choose Phone And click Ok. Then vcf file will be saved in your Phone.”Look the Image”.


2nd step: Now Kindly Connect your Phone with Your computer/Laptop. Then Open your Phone’s folder from Computer section. Now You can see vcf file. you can copy this file from your phone and save in your computer. “Look The Image”.

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