Best Bluetooth Headphones

Best Bluetooth Headphones

The best Bluetooth headphones are readily available online today. Learn how to find the right pair at an affordable price! Read on to learn more…

One of the newest and most innovative products to hit the market as of late is the new Bluetooth headphones.  These headphones combine style and technology to form one of the most convenient and easy ways to listen to your music.  The best Bluetooth headphones are available online and at fairly affordable prices.  Here are a few things to consider and what to look for when shopping for a new Bluetooth stereo headset.

Bluetooth technology is far from only being wireless.  Sure there are no wires, but the clarity you will hear from these speakers compared to wireless is great.  Not only that, but the power required to run Bluetooth headphones is far less than what it takes to power the wireless headphones.  What does this mean?  Well, you won’t have to worry about the battery power running out anytime soon, nor will you have to spend money on rechargeable batteries or new batteries every few months.

How long will the charge hold?

Depending on the brand or model you are looking into, most of the best Bluetooth headphones can hold a charge for an entire day!  You can play these babies for hours upon hours without having to charge them even once!

A Few Bluetooth Headphone Advantages:

These headphones will allow you to listen to your stereo, iPod, Phone, or whatever type of listening device you have without you being anywhere near the equipment.  All you have to do is simply plug the transmitter into your listening device, turn on the Bluetooth headphones and move away and move at will.

Most of these products will be made specifically for music or for phone conversations, some will do both.  Make sure you find the right pair of headphones for what you are going to be using them the most for.  Some will allow you to listen to music and include a microphone for phone conversations or to connect to your laptop or desktop computer. Besides the most common products, the best Blue

tooth headphones are now being adapted for other electronic devices as well.  Gaming systems like the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation and Xbox all have wireless Bluetooth options on their devices.  Use these headphones for the ultimate in gaming action.  You can only expect them to add even more Bluetooth capabilities in the future.

The internet today has become a much more used form of audio and video communication.  Websites like Skype give internet users the opportunity to speak to anyone in the world while viewing them at the same time.  Bluetooth headphones only add to the whole internet communication experience and make your conversations much more clear than ever before.

Check out the various online eCommerce websites to find the best pair of Bluetooth headphones for you.  You will certainly be surprised at the variety and affordability of these products online today.

Bluetooth Stereo Headphones: Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones


If you are an avid music listener and love your MP3 player or iPod, then it is time you upgraded to the next level of headphone listening technology.  With the Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones you will be able to experience the sound of Bluetooth Stereo Headphones without having to worry about all of the wires.  This little bad boy has an assortment of features that include things like a volume control system that is fully integrated as well as a mode where you can pump up the bass.  This set of Bluetooth Headphones also has improved Data Rate technology to let you listen to your music over 30 feet away from your player.  The set also comes with some rechargeable batteries that you can use over and over again and have a six hour play time minimum.  The Bluetooth Headset is lightweight and will fit comfortable on your head without wearing you down.  The Logitech FreePulse Wireless headphones are great because these Bluetooth Stereo Headphones also have adapters for iPods and other music players.

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  • This comes with wireless headphone that are 2.4 GHz and they also have the new data Rate Technology version 2.0 from Bluetooth
  • One of the best features of this Bluetooth Headset is that it actually puts out clear audio that doesn’t have any interference.  This clear audio ranges all the way out to 33 feet
  • The headband is immaculately constructed and it has been manufactured out of spring steel that is also high-carbon.  This way you can rest assured that the fit is reliable and also very secure
  • The volume controls for the headphones are also integrated into the earbuds for easy controlling while you are listening
  • There is also a mode on the headset called the Bass Boost mode to help you feel the deep notes, and there are also some comfort rings available
  • These Bluetooth Stereo Headphones also come with a wireless receiver that has a 2 year warranty as well as an audio plug that is 3.5 mm


For a set of Bluetooth Headphones that are affordable, these ones seem to be a pretty good fit.  There are a few complaints but nothing too big.  Some people have said that because the neckband is not adjustable it does not provide a very comfortable placement on everyone’s head.  Also, because of the bass boost the higher notes an the cymbals from the drums might not be as noticeable.  These headphones run for around $89.99 online.  Voted 3 1/2 out of 5 stars by consumers.
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