BioShock Games Reviews, Full Details And Guideline

Experience The Thrill Of Survival With BioShock

About the game – BioShock:

2K Boston developed the game of BioShock, and the company 2K Games published it. BioShock is about a hero, Jack whose airplane wrecks by the border of the underwater city of Rapture. This city has been designed with genetically modified creatures called ADAM. The hero has to survive and escape the city all the while meeting humans like him who also share the same agenda as he does. The game got critical acclaim and inspired the origin of several books under the same name.

About the BioShock development:

Back when System Shock came around, not many would have anticipated that it could stir more such themed games. Later in 2002, the team started working under Ken Levine who was a lead designer of System Shock to create the enemies whom Jack would fight in BioShock. Finally, by 2007, after performing few playtest and modifying more to the actual game plan, the game was all set for release.
About the 2K Boston: Irrational Games, later got the name of 2K Boston, which developed this game and published it under the name of 2K Games. The company had released the game with a demo and guidelines. Later on, the developer released a few patches for the players to play it via X Box and another such platform.
About the designers: Paul Helquist is a designer for this game that was made under the direction of Ken Levine.
Release Date: BioShock got its release on August 21, 2007, in Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. In August 2014, it got its release on PlayStation 4 and on Xbox One.
Mode: BioShock is a single-player game.
Platforms: The game is compatible with iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows too.
System Configuration: The game requires 1 GB RAM. It requires CPU of Intel single-core Pentium 4 processor at 2.4GHz.

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