Blizzard Entertainment Game Reviews and Full details

About Overwatch Blizzard Entertainment:

The Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch spelled delight to the Cyborg themed game lovers. The first person shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment revolves around forming teams of robotic heroes who had to carry out their tasks and win rewards. The rewards would be helpful in equipping them with better tools to carry out their roles and responsibilities better. The players get to choose from a list of heroes like Doomfist, Tracer, Ana, and Zenyatta to name a few and play as them.

About the development of the game Blizzard Entertainment:

The game developer, Blizzard Entertainment had just launched the game with an aim of keeping it as a casual game with limited maps and locations. Later, the game got its launch in servers and with that, more locations were added. Overwatch was Blizzard’s game after the release of Titan. The game found plenty of critical acclaim for its unique game plan.
About Blizzard Entertainment: Blizzard Entertainment is a well-known name in the industry of games. With Overwatch, the company just aced up and came up with better graphics and portrayal of the characters in the game.
About the Designers: Overwatch had three designers – Jeremy Craig, Scott Mercer, and Michael Eliott. We have to give them due credit for making the game very captivating. The game plan and controls make it all the more challenging for the players.
Release date: Overwatch got its official launch on May 24, 2016. It drew international attention with its announcement in BlizzCon.
Mode: The game is available in the Multiplayer mode.
Platforms: The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Configuration for the game: The game is available to play on Windows 7 or 8. It needs the processor like Intel Core i3. The players would need to have at least 5GB Storage space and Intel HD Graphics 4400.

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