Days Gone Play Station 4 : Days Gone Release Date

Days Gone: Release on 2019

About the Game
A zombie infested apocalypse is a rundown idea in the gaming world. However, the way Days Gone manages to cook a rich soup out of a somewhat stale concept is impressive. Days Gone is an action-packed adventure game that takes place two years after a ruinous world pandemic. The game focuses on the protagonist St. John who is a bounty hunter. The game hero is set to survive a zombie (aka Freaker) infested apocalypse while seeking a reason to live. The core element of the game is to let gamers explore the human emotions of desperation when everything seems to go south. It expresses the importance of hope when one is faced with enormous tragedy. The game in an open-world environment that gives realistic experiences. Infected The heart-pounding action scenes that are enhanced with a massive selection of weapons such as pistols (silenced using an oil filter), machine guns, axes, as well as petrol bombs present a thrilling experience. The game is set for release in 2019 after its initial date got postponed. With the Last Of Us having made one huge impression, Days Gone is set for greatness with just a “broken road all that is left” for the hero.

How to Play
The latest gameplay demo shows the protagonist searching for a guy in a dilapidated wooden sawmill that looks abandoned. It all begins with him riding a bike to the mentioned place. Upon arrival, he scrambles for inventory, picking up an oil filter to use as a silencer for his pistol from a somewhat torched truck. He is also carrying a rifle on his back while wearing a characterised badass leather jacket. The games seem to be delivering the story in the form of a monologue through the player character. After fetching some items and killing a zombie…a freak moment occurs. An enemy who had jumped onto the protagonist startling the protagonist, in a surprisingly scary manner, starts crying for help. He runs towards the direction of the noise to find the other guy trying to escape a freaker. Deacon St. John kills the freaker and starts chasing the guys on top of the roof. Somehow the other guy manages to jump on the hero and they role to ground with the other guy breaking his leg. Attracted to the noise, the Freakers rush towards them and start to feed on the other guy with the hero managing to escape. Freakers start to appear everywhere chasing St. John who uses the rifle, pistol, petrol bombs, an axe, as well as landmines to fight the countless creatures. The scene ends with the hero surrounded by Freakers with nowhere to go, no place to hide—totally exposed.

With the game set on a real open-world map, the gamer is required to gather items to boost the health and ammunition. Since Days Gone is an open-world, you will likely be the one to select which mission to take upon based on your skill level. This means you will be able to access more of this world as your skills, and set of abilities advance. Despite showing us a number of action-packed shooter scenes, it will be possible to perform stealth. This also entails that there will be a lot of options to select from based on your preferred gaming style. For a single-player mode, this game promises to bring the best to gamers who are faithfully awaiting the dawn of a new era in the PS4 console’s history. It is easy to understand why action lovers will be enthralled to the treatment of adventure and survival horror because that’s what Days Gone promises to deliver.

Set to be released in the heart of 2019, the development of Days Gone started in 2015. Being developed using Unreal Engine 4, the head of creativity, John Garvin who is the game’s creative director looks forward to pushing Play Station 4 to a place it has never been to. At the helm of script writing and storyline development, there is Jeff Ross. Nathan Whitehead is the composer. Most critics are waited with batted breathe for this game. Taking much considerable time to develop and bring to life, Days Gone is expected to smash expectations.
Developer: SIE Band Studios
Platforms: Play Station 4


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