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Divinity: Original Sin 2

About the Game
Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a Larian Studios’ piece of art. It is a role-playing CRPG game. The game is specifically designed for PC gamers, and it was released on the 14th November 2017. Divinity: Original Sin 2 manages to deliver compelling, emotional stories in a manner that has never been experienced before. The game is considered as the pinnacle of the CRPGs and has a huge follower base.

Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

The game is a sequel to the 2014 hit release Divinity: Original Sin. With Original Sin 2 gamers can expect a lot of features to explore and enjoy. It is packed with surprises while some of the decision you make is bound to have a real life impact on you. It presents amazing graphics with everything displayed speaking attention. The game delivers a world with talking animals. Having a pet pal is satisfying, especially a talking one. The game uses a powerful storytelling technique and manages to portray what life would be like if animals could speak.
The game also gives us an incredible view of winter dragons. Based on a fantasy world known as Rivellon, this game is beyond expectations. This period takes place centuries after the initial Divinity. Rivellon inhabitants re-graced with a certain type of energy known as the Source. Those who are able to manipulate this energy to have a combat edge are called the Sourcerers. Before the game, the seven Gods gave some of their Source to a person called Lucian (aka Divine) and assigned him to a task of guarding the Void. However, Lucian died before the game, and this led to monstrous beings called Voidwoken invading Rivellon.
Since the Voidwoken are drawn to the use of Source, an organisation called Divine Order persecutes Sourcerers but only to serve their will. The game begins with the player character captured and being transferred to an isolated prison island called the Fort Joy. At Fort Joy, Sourcerers are said to be cured of Source, but in reality, they are being turned into asinine husks. On their way, A Voidwoken attacks the ship and sinks it. About to drown, a godly voice saves the player character and calls him/her “Godwoken.”

History of the Game of Divinity: Original Sin 2
Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a sequel to the 2014’s release titled Divinity: Original Sin. The initial instalment of the game traces back to the 2002 version, Divine Divinity. There have been several spinoffs released under the belt of the game such as Beyond Divinity, as well as Divinity: Dragon Commander. A direct sequel to Divine Divinity was released in 2009 titled Divinity II. The third sequel titled Divinity: Original Sin was released in 2014.

How to Play (Divinity: Original Sin 2)
There is no direct strategy in playing Original Sin 2. You need to be active in initiating conversation with strangers as this will provide you with great information that might come in handy during the quest. Just like its prequel, gamers can go solo using a single character or with three other players. Selection of characters is available in two forms. You can opt for a premade character that has got a backstory or create your own. The former enables the gamer to select gender, race, as well as stats.
Each character can have up to three companions. The number of companions can be increased through the purchase of mods. On both the online and couch-based multiplayer modes, players can split up which can make battle tactics more complicated; however, resulting in satisfying role-playing options. The game uses a skill design-based system that allows gamers to mashup, change, as well as modify their skills. An Arena map is available in the competitive multiplayer mode. This event places players into two groups, and they have to fight each other for glory.

The first announcement of the game was in 2015. Borislav Slavov (replacing the late Kirill Pokrovsky) composed the game’s soundtrack. On September 15, 2016, the game was released for early access for Windows and on the 14th of September, 2017 it was fully released. It ranked among the most played games on Steam during its first week of release.
Developer: Larian Studios
Platform: Microsoft Windows

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