Dynasty Warriors 9 PS4 Release date, Review, How to play

About the Game

Dynasty Warriors 9 original game style is mashed up with an open-world theme to come up with Dynasty Warriors 9. This is a hack and slash game that is played from a third-person perspective. Although with stealth features, the game is too mindless to even consider that. Dynasty Warriors 9 uses the series style of play in introducing an open-world environment. The common segmented mission structure used by the game is retired for a vast, open-world atmosphere that comes with separate missions and a chance to explore the world while on the back of a horse. The combat is senseless to its very best which is what most Dynasty Warrior fans love. The mindless slashing of enemies that gives the player the ability to juggle enemies on air with combos is stupidly satisfying. The game is a single-player mode all throughout. This means there are is no online or offline multiplayer. So lonely .

History of the Game

The Dynasty Warriors 9 is developed by Omega Force together with Koei. The series is a spinoff of Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Koei. The former is a turn-based strategy game series that lightly focused on the historical Chinese text “Records of the Three Kingdoms.” The initial Dynasty Warriors game was different from the other series games as it was a fighting game. The English versions of the game are one ahead of the Japanese. It was released in 1997. Its successor was released in 2000 with the third released the following year. In 2003, Dynasty Warriors 4 was released and the fifth one landing in 2005. Dynasty Warriors 6, 7 and 8 were released in 2007, 2011, and 2013 respectively. By 2011, the series had sold 18 million copies, therefore, becoming the most successful spinoff published by Koei.

How to Play

Like any other hack and slash game, you would think of, Dynasty Warriors 9 requires a mixture of several buttons to come up with combos during a fight. With the newly implemented traversable map, the player has the ability roam freely either on foot, boat or on horseback. The combat move-sets got revised compared to the famous button-mashing fighting style. The latest instalment sees the introduction of Trigger Attacks which enable the fighter to KO, as well as stun enemies. There are also Flow Attacks that combine combos resulting in a Trigger Attack. Flow Attacks are the main feature in Dynasty Warriors 9, and despite having to repeatedly mash the square over and over, there is a thrill that is kept by high intensity. One thing that spills over to this latest Dynasty Warriors game from its predecessors is combat repetitiveness. Regardless who you are facing, where you are meeting them, and by what you are fighting them, it all comes down to mashing the buttons with your thumb. Well, there is a thrill factor in performing mindless murder of countless enemies. The introduction of open-world environment allows the player to roam around collecting materials for crafting. You can also go fishing. However, the downside is that none of those materials can be put to meaningful use.
Features such as a grappling hook enable the player to infiltrate enemy camps with the real weather cycle also used. Weather now affects the behaviour of your enemy. When it rains or at night, the vision of your enemies gets poor. As a player, you can design hideouts utilising furniture. There are two modes in Dynasty Warriors 9; Story mode and Free mode. The story mode is based on the series’ 13 chapters of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The playable character has got their backstories that happen within a subset of each section, and they have got distinct ending based on their death or a period they became irrelevant. Free mode is available upon the completion of either of playable character story. This mode enables the gamer to play any chapter by picking any character.

Omega Force first announced the development of Dynasty Warriors 9 in 2016. It was elaborated during the announcement that the game will be the first of the series’ kind as it will have an open-world environment. By September 2017, Koei Tecmo confirmed the game’s release dates; Japan—on the 8th of February, 2018 and the West expected on the 13th of February, 2018.
Developer: Omega Force
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

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