Feedback Can Turn the Tables for Your Business

Feedback Can Turn the Tables for Your Business

Whether you are a multinational company, a start-up or an SME, you can find a great competition. Amidst a lot of competition in the industry, you can progress only if you take proper feedback. Feedback can make you realise where you lack and which are the areas that demand your focus. There are different types of feedback that can be of prolific nature for your organisation.

Have you ever heard about 360 degree appraisal?  You know these types of feedback surveys can influence leadership, teams, and even the whole organization right away. Once an organization takes a decision to launch a 360 degree feedback package for the first time. some leaders can be seen reluctant to participate. Great leaders might have a bias towards action, and in case you want something that can create outcomes starting by the time you finish reading this piece of article.

Importance of 360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback surveys do provide a lot of benefit to teams, leadership, and the entire organization directly by catering a safe, intimate, and reliable way for colleagues to offer feedback; a company get valuable insight into present leadership, teams, and general health of the organization. 360 feedback surveys cater leaders with robust knowledge and feedback into what is working and what is not. Once you make use of this feedback data rightly. companies can swiftly take action, by assisting employees improve and turn out to be better leaders and contributors in the business.

However even today, when an organization takes a decision to launch a 360 degree feedback program for first time, some are unwilling to participate. People think why they really need a feedback. Why would someone need a feedback when he or she can ask for it to their fellow colleagues? Ah, these are not at all bad responses, but these are not wonderful either.

The reality is that the future lies in the feedback. Gone are the days where going by gut instinct and good feelings are satisfactory. And while employee perceptions are not at all perfect indicators of the reality of the matter, they are one of the most productive bits of feedback a leader can get.

It is also true that to get honest feedback about performance is absolutely difficult. As leaders step up in an organization or business. frank feedback about their performance or leadership bravura actually goes down. Others are frequently afraid of displeasing these people in leadership positions and might end up giving less than frank feedback on the performance of a leader when asked face to face.

A peep into this 360 survey

A 360 degree feedback survey caters others a chance to give leaders helpful and accurate feedback in a constructive and private manner. In a 360 feedback survey, all the leaders and a group of other spectators who make the rating answer particular questions about the performance of a specific leader.

These ratters rating people are chosen from those with whom a leader do work day-to-day and characteristically include direct reports, supervisors, peers, and customers. In this way, the people who are associated with a leader in the day today working give their views about his or her performance. They give the answers that showcase the calibre and capability of the leader.

Once you do this survey in a correct manner, there are many amazing and clear benefits of 360 surveys.  Have a look below:

Growth in Self-awareness

Self-awareness simply means to understand your personality. including your weaknesses, strengths, beliefs, thoughts, motivations, and emotions. This self-awareness is mainly important when talking about leadership. Leading folks always require a cautious balance of competing priorities. Many leaders having good intentions make mistakes because they make continuing improvements in the wrong way.

Everybody thinks they have a great grip on how other people see them. But there have been researches that show people usually score themselves lower than that of their supervisor and their direct reports rate them. Would not it be wonderful to know people think higher of you than you really think of yourself?  It would definitely give you more confidence in yourself right? Of course, appreciation can move mountains.

Clarification about behaviours

In case someone asked you what behaviour went into making a great leader, would you be in a position to list   more than fifty things top of your head?  Remember there are many more number of behavioural questions asked in the feedback thing and reach out to a conclusion. These questions help in finding out if the leaders are on the right path. In case they are working in the welfare of the organization?

Measurement of how things get done

It is all about the procedure. When you get the feedback about the overall working of the leaders the leaders do evaluate their weaknesses and strengths. When everything is apparent, things turn out to be wonderful. After all, these surveys always give an apparent picture about the calibre and capacity of leaders. The procedures play a role and it cannot be denied.

Which is better, to do something the right way even if it may fail or just doing it no matter how it happened? Or more briefly – process versus outcome. The right answer is the process.  Nothing is permanent and hence if you focus on the process of things, you increase the probability of the best to take place.


Thus, if you have not thought about this 360 appraisal, go ahead and do the needed. It can turn the tables for your organization.

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