Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Reviews

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Reviews

About Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:

GTA or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a super hit action game that had taken the world by storm. The game’s developer was Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The sandbox type game has Carl Johnson or CJ who has stayed for many years away from home. He comes back and soon falls into the trap of a corrupt police, Ten Penny. He has to enter the dark world of lawlessness and be the top name without getting caught by the federal agents.

About the development:

The game of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was so popular that it got fame for being one of the best among the series. Additionally, the developers took so much care for ensuring that the accuracy of places was on point. That and the storyline along with the pace with which the game progressed as it tracked CJ’s journey from a clean life to a corrupt world, all worked for the game. As a role-playing game, the players got a chance to indulge various other real life works and chores too.
About Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a top product from Rockstar Games, the New York-based gaming company. The company’s fame with this game is universally received.
About the designer: David Jones and Mike Dailly are the two designers who are behind this game’s success.
Release Date: This game got its release on October 26, 2004.
Modes: The game offers an option of playing in single and multiplayer modes.
Platforms: GTA San Andreas is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360 and even PS2, and PS3 and OS X.
System Configuration: It has a minimum requirement of Pentium III and RAM of 256 MB. The game runs only on Windows 2000 or XP and needs video card of NVIDIA GeForce 3.

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