Grow Your Facebook Fan Page Without Spending Money

With the billion of people that are active on Facebook, it shouldn’t be that difficult to get people to “like” your Facebook Fan page, right? Well, unless you have a major brand name, most fanpages will be starting the same way…and with the same amount of fans. Zero. It takes an all -out effort to get it running and then to be consistent in the postings and activity to the page.

This post will not have anything to do with “Buying Likes” or any other type of Facebook ‘paid’ ads, etc approach to generating more fans. If you are in to that, that’s up to you… but is the easy way out, my opinion. No sweat earned other than the 160 characters typed or credit card numbers punched in.

Some of us enjoy the real thrill and rush of seeing the work that we have set out and attempted has produced real results. One more note. We have all heart the phrase “Time is money.” Social media, as most of know, consumes quite a bit of time. The same is true for marketing your Facebook fanpage. It is going to take time…online…trying different strategies to help get your page out there where more people can see your page. See More Topic: Boost facebook reach

Here are a handful of ways to grow your Facebook Fanpage in possibly new and creative ways:

* “Like” other Facebook Fanpages:

Search for other pages that may be similar to your page or would complement your page and then ‘Like’ them. Why? Because then you have the capability to connect with them…and their page’s fans.

* Engage and Contribute to other Facebook Fanpages:

This goes along with the above reason in that when you make comment and engage on others’ fanpages, their fans can hear your voice and see you interacting as your fanpage. “Like” others’ comments and/or post your own thoughts and nuggets for others to see you ‘giving’ of yourself.

The more often fans of others pages see you commenting, the better the opportunity for them to click on your page and “like” what you are doing on Facebook.

* Comment on blogs using Facebook Comments:

Some leading online publications now have enabled you to post comments using your Facebook page. Look around and when you find a post that you can add value that will relate to your Facebook fanpage, make a thought out comment opposed to an “I agree.” Post as your Facebook fanpage, if possible!

* Free Giveaways & Poll/Survey Questions:

If you have written a report that has some value, promote it online and give it away. Ask your fans to “share” your special promotions to help it be seen by more people than your reach.

Did you know that when you create a poll question and post this that it has the potential to reach many more people? Let’s say, for example, the Admin of the Facebook page has 3,000 friend connections but only about 100 fans on their page…that the Admin can send this poll question as a notification to as many of their personal friends as they would like? Maybe only to specific people but can also broaden the reach and remind people about your Facebook page to “like” it after they have seen your poll question.

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