Few Easy Ways – How Does Fat Leave The Body

Few Easy Ways – How Does Fat Leave The Body

How Does Fat Leave The Body – Men burn calories much more efficiently than women. For the heavier span of physical activity, a man will typically experience more weight loss than women.

Men burn calories faster for two reasons. First, usually from the beginning have a heavier body, so it can burn more calories. Second and most importantly, men have more fat burning muscles.

Male anatomy also has other advantages. Men tend to store excess fat around the abdomen, while women collect it in the thighs and buttocks. Some experts believe that the fat cells in the stomach are metabolically more active, so, men can get rid of fat more easily than women. However, the disadvantage is that belly fat is more closely related to heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure than hip and thigh fat.


Everyone needs a different caloric intake. Calories are obtained from food for the body’s metabolism. Excess amounts of calories from food will cause the body to become fat. Luckily losing weight, the caloric intake of the food must be calculated by the way the results are more accurate.


Moves More On. An easy way to burn more calories in the same time frame is to add a little speed to every sport, for example, aerobic exercise.

Examples are:

Formerly: a distance of 6 km / h = burn 365 calories

Now: cover 7.5 km / hour = burn 585 calories


  • Enable Arm and Foot Simultaneously. Exercise that moves the arms and legs at the same time burns good fats than when one moves one. According to research, skiing, mountain biking, and swimming get the most value in burning calories per minute because you use both legs, both hands, and upper body.

You May Also Read Non-Dairy Protein Powder . Start with Breakfast. Some experts say that your body burns calories slower while sleeping. Breakfast acts as a sign of time to awaken your metabolism, and associate it to start burning calories. If you do not have breakfast that day, you will end up burning fewer calories on the same day. No breakfast in the morning also causes you to eat more food than you need at night..


  • Eat More Often in Small Portions. Eat a little but often instead of eating three meals a day with a bigger portion better in the process of burning fat. This is because, after eating, your body releases the hormone insulin that causes your body to collect fat. The larger the portion of your food, the more insulin you release. So that can be said when you eat a lot, then the hormone insulin will be released more, and your body will produce fat faster in large quantities. Conversely, eating more often in small portions makes insulin levels lower and more stable. The less insulin in your blood, the more fat you burn.

Do not Leave Lunch. Not having lunch but eating like a greedy person in the evening makes you lose. First, it makes your body think you are not getting food, so your metabolism will respond by burning fewer calories on that day. Second, eating with a large portion of the afternoon produces excessive energy making it easier to store in fat. Third, some of the body’s metabolism is forced to last at night. In fact, the body’s metabolism at night is the lowest, so the body does not need much energy from the food we eat, so the energy from food is stored in fat.


  • Exercise with Stomach Contains. Lightweight physical harm after meals gives you a bonus in terms of burning fat. Walking five miles in an empty stomach burns about 300 calories. This is because eating increases metabolism. When you exercise after meals, your metabolism will increase 2-fold, and that’s a good sign in terms of burning fat.

Keep Yourself from the Stimulant Material. Caffeine, Alcohol, and other stimulants may increase your metabolism rate, but once you are not used, your metabolism will decrease.


  • Eating Spicy Food. Spicy foods can increase your metabolism rate, although in a short time.

Check Your Thyroid Gland . Although thyroid disease is more common among women than in men, the active or less active thyroid gland may affect metabolism. Less active thyroid causes the body to burn energy at a slower rate than normal.


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