Do you Know How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water

Do you Know How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water? If you’re having a cat as a pet, then we tend to assume that you just be passionate about it and check out to produce everything to that which will create it happy. then again providing facilities, food and water square measure the essential things that a cat wants for survival. How long can a cat go without water? – Today i tell you.

Is your cat drinking enough water? Do not underestimate our cat’s water needs because cats are just like us who need enough water – just yes, not a lot. Lack of water causes a dehydrated cat which if left unchecked can cause death.

How much cat water needs?

The amount of water required depends on various factors, including cat size, age, and type of food. If our cats only eat dried food, of course the water needs more than cats who eat wet food. Dry food contains only 10% water, while the food is 70-80% wet water. Normally, a cat needs 59-119 ml of water or the equivalent of about 1/4 – 1/2 cup of 220ml drinking water.

Slowly pull the skin of the cat at the nape of the neck. If the skin returns normally as it normally does when it is released, it’s a sign that the cat is drinking enough.

If the skin looks stiff, then the opposite sign.

->Feather looks lustrous without dandruff.
->Cats look normal, do not look lethargic.
->Cure urine 2-3 times daily. How can we know it? If the cat throws water in the litter box and uses a clump sand, check if the lump is about medium-sized.

A cat can live without water at last 1 week or 10 days.

If the cat does not show one or a few signs above can be a cat dehydrated or lack of fluids. But sometimes the signs of dehydration are not clear, only veterinary diagnoses can prove.
Indeed there are cats who are reluctant to drink, some are too often to drink – should be wary of because there could be health problems. If the cat is reluctant to drink, try to always provide fresh water in a container or provide a water fountain because cats naturally like to drink from running water.

What to do if a cat is dehydrated?

Dehydration is a sign of a pet cat having serious health problems. Take it to the vet immediately. The doctor will provide the required treatment. Death can be the most fatal consequence if a cat does not drink water in at least two days. Just for information, the cat takes at least 24 hours to restore the body fluids when dehydrated. The time is quite long compared to dogs that take approximately 1 hour to fill up about 6% loss of fluid.

Last word: Take care about animal health also.

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