Do you Know How Long Do Rats Live

Do you Know How Long Do Rats Live

How Long Do Rats Live? Rats are mammals belonging to the Muridae tribe. Species in famous mice are mice, gut mice that are very easy to find in all countries. Rats are a pest that can cause harm to human life in the residential and industrial environment.

The breeding of rats is very fast, around the age of 1.5 to 5 months have been able to breed, after pregnancy for 21 days, each tail can produce six to eight children, 21 days later separated from the mother and every year a mouse can give birth to four times.

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Types of Rats that often strike in residential environments:
Brown rats, large house rats or laboratory mice (Rattus norvegicus) are one of the most common rodent species in urban environments.

Facts About Mice Need To Know

Home rats is a rodent that is often found in the home environment with a long tail and clever climbing and jumping. This rat belongs to the sub-ethnic murine and originates from Asia. But although originally from Asia, it turns out that this rat spread to Europe through trade since the beginning of modern calendar and has spread in the 6th century. After that this type of rat spread throughout the world. Mice rumha tend to spread in warmer areas because the cold area cannot compete with rats got.

The house rat is a bad swimmer and the carcass often appears in the wells, but the house rat is more agile and the climbers are brave and dare to “fly”. The color is usually black or light brown, although now there has been bred with white or striped. Normal size about 15-20 cm with tail ± 20 cm. The mice are nocturnal and eat everything, but love the grain – built. Females can be childless at any time, with a total of 3 to 10 heads / births.

The age of this mouse reaches 2-3 years and is very fond of living as a group.

Rats are members of small Muridae. They are very easy to find in homes and are known for pests. Because of their habit of biting furniture and other small items and nesting in the corners of the cabinets. Rats are thought to be the second most mammal in the world, after humans. Mouse rats are very easy to adapt to human changes, even with the number living in the wild probably less than in urban living.

Mice are small insect-eating mice that look similar to mouse mice and belong to the family soricidae. One of the members of the house was easily found and ran in the corner of the wall looking for prey. This rats are often regarded as mice because of the size, hair color, and muzzle that is also named with musked rats. Another name of the mice is shredded, cencurut, curut, and munggis. The mice are very far from their kinship of the tap and the different orders, the order of the devil is included in the order of soricomorpha and not rodentia. The rats of the shaman include animal vector diseases similar to mice and mice. Rat facts

  • Fact RATS :

1. The vector of disease (more than 45 types of diseases).
2. Contamination on food. 25,000 droppings / year in mice and 17,000 in mice.
3. Having a weak vision and color blindness, strong on the sensors of smell, touch, taste and hearing.
4. Very clever to climb and escape in holes as small as 12mm
5. Rats are very fond of living in a dark and shrubby place from grass near the source of food.

I mentioned earlier that some types of rats, mouse traits, rat breeding, rat way of life, and diseases caused by rats. Therefore, you should keep the environment clean the house, office, etc. to avoid diseases caused by rats.

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