How Many Gmail Accounts Can I Have

How many Gmail accounts can I have? According to the question that you want to know, here I try to give you answer. Is there a limit on how many Gmail account you can create? The answer is NO.

How Many Gmail Accounts Can I Have

I use several Gmail accounts, one for work, one for personal, several more for various organizations and websites which I maintain. We know that Gmail is a free service (generally) many users try to know how many Gmail accounts can I have and they abuse Gmail, as a result almost every username (Gmail) is ‘unavailable because of fail to provide a mobile number.

Gmail is the most popular and widely used email service in the world. We really can not live a single day without communicating through Gmail. You can use multiple Gmail account. There is no restriction or forbidden to create multiple Gmail account. But unnecessary why you create multiple Gmail. When you need Gmail then easily create a Gmail account for your work.

The better option for you that you could create two Gmail account one for personal and another one for your Business. That’s simple.

If you want to create more than one gmail account then I suggest you that,

Don’t create too many gmail accounts within a short time, because google Gmail will consider it as ‘spamming’. So be careful about it.
As currently, mobile verification is compulsory, so it may be difficult to create too many accounts. But if you want to create many gmail account than you should to use multiple mobile number.

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