Do You Want to Know How Many Legs Do Spiders Have

Do You Want to Know How Many Legs Do Spiders Have

How Many Legs Do Spiders Have? The spider is an invertebrate animal with books (arthropods). The most recognizable feature of the spider is its eight legs and has the ability to make a net. The spider is a carnivore (meat-eating) animal, but it can neither jump nor fly. So he must have the special ability to catch his prey. Here are the special features of the spider.

Immediately we see the first:

1. Make a net

Spiders can make a net that comes from a very sticky saliva. So it can trap its prey in the form of small insects that walk through the net. Thus, the spider can easily catch its prey.

2. “Mouth” Shaped Like a Sucker

Spiders have no mouth or teeth. It preys on its prey by sucking the bodily fluid of its prey. Spiders have a “mouth” that works like a sucker.

3. Sensitive Feeling on the Sensitive Foot

Most spiders have poor eyesight. So to see if any prey has been trapped in the net, he uses the sense of touch on his feet to detect vibrations in the net.

4. Have Can

Of tens of thousands of species, only 150 species of spiders that do not have can. Can be used to kill prey. Can be found on the spider’s web. However, only 200 species of spider that can be harmful to humans.

5. Only Have Two Body Segments

The spider has only two body segments unlike other insects that have three body segments. The two segments are prosoma (head and chest) and abdomen (abdomen). 

The spider is a member of the animal kingdom. They are also included in Arthropod phyla, together with crustaceans, insects, millipedes, centipedes and other animals with clearly segmented bodies. Spiders can create powerful webs to catch prey by setting traps to trap them.

Spiders share Arachnida classes with mites, lice, scorpions, harvesters (“father longlegs”) and other animals with eight legs. It is also important to know what a spider is. They are not insects or “insects”, even though they are distantly related.

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What is Spider?

The spider (the Araneae order) is a breathing arthropod that has eight legs and chelicerae with fangs that inject toxins. They are the order of the greatest arachnids that have ranked seventh in the total species diversity among all other oration organisms.

Spiders can be found all over the Antarctic world. Anatomically, spiders with other arthropods. Unlike insects, the spider has no antenna.

Spiders have the most centralized nervous system of all arthopods. Unlike most arthopods, spiders do not have extensor muscles in their legs and otherwise extend them with hydraulic pressure.

Spider webs vary greatly in size, shape and number of sticky yarns used. The spiral ball network is one of the earliest forms and the spider that produces crumpled nets is more numerous and varied than the orb-web spider.

The true spider has been found carbonated and very similar to the most primitive suborto, Mesothelae. The main group of modern spiders, Mygalomorphae and Araneomorphae, first appeared in the Triassic period.

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