How to Add Fonts to Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll show you How to Add Fonts to Photoshop. It is really easy to do, and I show you the entire process with step by step instructions. You basically have to download the font, open up the font file, and click the install button. Once you have installed the font on your computer, you will be able to access it within Photoshop.

Photoshop allows you to install fonts that you found online and use them in your text design.

I use a website called that lets you search a lot of fonts and easily download them for free.

In Photoshop you already have a lot of fonts to choose from but if you found a font online and you wanted to bring it into Photoshop, I’m going to show you how to do that right now!

  • So I’m going to go on this website called and here, there is a bunch of free fonts that you could actually download and use in Photoshop
  • Open our browser and type and click OK or Enter

  • So as it opens, you can see that there are many beautiful fonts. You can download any of them by clicking the Download button.

  • There are also many categories. You can also search for fonts you need by using the search box.

  • Pick a category of preference and download any stylish and decorative font your eye stumbles upon and click the download button to download it.

  • Choose the directory where you want to download and save it. The font file is going to be downloaded to the Download folder. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re on a Mac or a PC but the process should be the same

  • Now locate the downloaded font file and extract it with the help of WinRAR or 7zip or some other file extracting software. Fonts are usually .ttf

  • Once you download the font, double-click the TTF file in the downloads folder and click install font.

That’s it. Now if you go to Photoshop, the font should be available to use right away. You can restart Photoshop if you don’t see it.

So it was installed on your computer, let’s now check it on Photoshop. The font should be readily available by default within Photoshop if done right.

Basically, installing a font on your computer makes it available to Photoshop. If for some reason this doesn’t show up in Photoshop, just go ahead and quit Photoshop and restart it.

The same process works with any Adobe product by the way, so if you have Adobe Premiere, After Effects, or Illustrator – you could do the same process.

You could go on a website like this, there’s a ton of font websites – this is just the one I’m using as an example. Go ahead and press download on the font and then go ahead and unzip that font file and go ahead and install it and when you come back to Photoshop, you should have that font available.


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