How To Block Websites On Chrome Mobile

Currently underage children have been given access to use smartphone or tablet by their parents. Plus the internet network is getting cheaper and easy to make the children easy to access the site is not feasible.


In this case if the parents are not able to supervise their children while playing a smartphone then maybe the following tricks you can apply to limit your child’s internet access. You May also learn Smart Watches: How They Work

How to block websites on chrome mobile

Open the Google Play Store app, then Type Mobile Security & Antivirus by Trend Micro Incorporated . Install the app.
Download Mobile Security Antivirus Gratis

Open the Application after it has been installed. If the License Agreement appears select Accept …. Then JOIN.
Join Parental COntrol

After opening the “Safe Surfing” menu.
enable safe surfing

On Protection Level select HIGH. Then Enable Parental Controls button. To activate it you must create an account on the application.

Enter Email and Password, CREATE ACCOUNT.
Enter a Start and End Name then NEXT. Then enter the account password that you remember easily. CREATE ACCOUNT.
Password Parental Control

Back Enable Parent Control Button, Enter your Last Register Password.
Enable Parental Control

After Active, Change Protection Level To “Child”. Then On Blokced List Enter a Website That You Do not Want To Open By Your Child.
Because Every Minute Of This Application Always Appears Notification In Status Bar That May Be Distracting You Can Unlock By How To Choose Menu Settings -> Apps -> Downloaded-> Mobile Security-> Remove Checkmark Show Notifications. If Your Hp Using Indonesian Please Adjust It With Sample Image.
Turns off the Android Application Notification in the Bar

Next Open Google Chrome Browser, Then Try You Go to Site Facebook Or Sites Not Eligible For Kids, Then Display Will Like here.

Then the site will not open and blocked. This applies to smartphones whose browsers only use Google Chrome. If your Android there is another browser then this way does not apply.

To anticipate this then you do not need to delete your favorite browser (other than Google Chrome). You need to hide or give your favorite browser password by using App LOCK App, Read Tutorial ” How to Hide Applications on Android “. Good luck.

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