How To Change Your Minecraft Username

How To Change Your Minecraft Username

Most Popu;ar question How To Change Your Minecraft Username? People have always loved to be challenged. No doubt, intense adventure is the thing if you want yourself to be challenged. However, everyone cannot carry out adventures and there must be some ways in which a person may challenge himself and try to test his creativity. People who cannot sit idle or don’t have any specific leisure time activity can test their abilities by playing games. There are a lot of games which test your creative powers and make you take the decisions quickly.

Many games give you a very short reaction time to respond to the things and survive your avatar. Some creative people do like to challenge their IQ levels with certain games designed purposely. Some fighting games check your decision-making ability. Overall games teach you how to be patient, confident and positive to achieve the results and how to accept the defeat.

Minecraft, a game designed to check the creativity and ability of the players, is now trending internationally. The game tests your abilities survive in the game and stay relevant to the environment. It is a sandbox game designed by a Swedish designer Markus “Notch” Persson under his company Mojang. The game has several modes in which a player can play according to the wish. Minecraft has won many appreciations from the critiques and other developers and also has won many awards.

How To Change Your Minecraft Username

Do You How To Change Your Minecraft Username:

Need solution How To Change Your Minecraft Username? The whole backend of the game has been updated a lot and its compatibility has increased much. Initially, the Minecraft username was a big headache to manage as there were very fewer accommodations available for each new player. Minecraft account was just based on the username and password and no other proper criteria were followed. After many updates and amendments, the account has been transferred to the better-developed system.

The users are advised to create the Mojang accounts instead of playing the game on Minecraft accounts. Mojang accounts follow a proper method and also ask the user to enter the email address. A unique UUID-Universal unique identifier is attached to each username which doesn’t change. It’s now very simple to change the username as the basic unique ID doesn’t change. A user can change the username according to the wish. However, it takes at least 30 days to change the name again. Below are the few steps which will guide you How To Change Your Minecraft Username

  1. Visit the website of Mojang and create an account using email and password.

  2. In front of your profile name, click the change name link.

  3. Enter a new name and then confirm by entering the password.

  4. Then click the change name button.

How To Change Your Minecraft Username

The game now follows a proper system to manage the accounts of the users and a unique number string is allocated to every ID of the game. Minecraft is being played by a large number of people and is regarded as a top times killer which enables you to test your abilities and creativity. Hope you are able to know how to change your Minecraft username. 

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