How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Mac

All MacBook Pro models include hardware support for Bluetooth personal area networks. This is a wireless standard that allows you to connect your Mac to various external devices, including stereo headsets. Bluetooth headsets are more practical than their wired cords, but they can sometimes have lower audio quality. Mac OS X version.

You need Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or a newer version to get stereo audio through your Bluetooth headset. Earlier versions of Mac OS X can connect to your headset, but will only use low quality mono sound. This is because stereo Bluetooth requires Bluetooth specification called A2DP, which was not included in Mac OS X until the release of Leopard.
Pairing the headset

The first step connecting any Bluetooth periphery to the MacBook Pro is pairing it with the Bluetooth device. First, put the headset in visible or visible mode. Normally this happens by turning off the headset, then hold down the power button for a few seconds while turning it on again. Open “System Settings” from the Dock, and then click the “Bluetooth” icon. Click the check box to turn on Bluetooth, and then click the “+” button. Your headset should appear in the next window. If it does not, review your headset manual to determine how to turn on visibly. Click on your headset, and then enter the numeric password included in your manual, it’s often “0000”. Your headset is now paired with the MacBook Pro,

Uses your headset 

When you turn on the headset, send a wireless signal to your MacBook Pro announcing its availability. Your Mac will automatically change its preferences to use the outbound headset. If this does not happen, select your headset manually in the Øresund preference in System Preferences. Keep your headset fully charged for the best audio results, as the sound quality will drop when the headset battery is low. If your Mac does not see your headset, use the Bluetooth preference pane to make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Mac. You can add a Bluetooth icon to your menu bar for faster access to this preference by clicking the check box in Bluetooth Settings.

Bluetooth Tips

Bluetooth has a theoretical wireless distance of about 30 meters, but this will vary depending on the radio and any fixed objects between you and your MacBook. Stay close to your MacBook for best results. When you run your MacBook off battery power, turn off Bluetooth when you do not use it to extend battery life.

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