How To Delete Spotify Account

All you need to know about Spotify

How To Delete Spotify Account? Spotify is being used all over the world. It is a huge world of music lovers. Because the main purpose of this app is to access music data from all over the world. Its many features are paid. Before trying to use it you should know how to create an account on it and also how to delete Spotify account and how to use it in a proper way. You need all the basic knowledge about how to use it and in case of dislike or any other problem how to delete a Spotify account. Let’s have a look at the introduction of Spotify and know about founders of Spotify and to know about this platform in a better way.

How To Delete Spotify Account
How To Delete Spotify Account

How To Delete a Spotify Account

if you don’t want to use the Spotify anymore you should know how to delete a Spotify account.

To know how to delete a Spotify account perform the following procedure step by step.

  • Log into your Spotify Account

  • Click on the icon or the word Account in the menu

  • After that, you click on the Subscription

  • Then click on the Cancel Subscription.

To delete your Account permanently you can

  • Go to

  • Go down and click on About

  • Then you will find an about web page.

  • In the Customer Service and Support, option click on the contact form

  • It will show a help page.

  • Click on Account here

  • On the next page click on I want to close my Spotify account.

  • And then after mentioning the reason click on the close account

It is better to use the apps like Spotify to have entertainment. Because it is providing many unique features to you.

Introduction of Spotify

Spotify is an online web-based platform. It is a company of entertainment belongs to Sweden. Founders of this online platform are Daniel EK and Martin. It is famous platform for getting music, high streaming videos and podcast. This online platform was launched in the month of October in 2008. It provides the content protected by DRM rules. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. The provided content is protected from record companies.

It is a freemium platform which means that its basic features are free to get and utilize. But keep in mind too that its free features have advertisements associated with these features. Free features have some limitations to use them. But in case if you want to get some improved and advanced features you have to buy this. Because, all the main features of this platform are paid. To access data from those features you have to pay for that. This platform is available for the users in the many parts of Australia, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, America. It is also available in a small part of Asia. It can be availed in the case if you have modern type of devices for example for windows computer as well as for Linux based devices or computers. Now it is also available for Android operating system based mobiles as well as for the iOS-based mobile devices.

For what we can use the Spotify platform

It is used to access a huge amount of music files. Video streaming is also an important feature of this app. A user can browse music by using this app as well as can search music too. A user can search a track by applying different parameters or filters. For example, user can search by artist name, album name, record name or with the name of a playlist. This app also provides a feature to edit the playlist it means you can modify the content available in your playlist according to your desires.

You can delete a selected record or you can delete your complete playlist too. Similarly, you can add the records in your playlist too. Some of most interesting features of Spotify is that you can share music from Spotify to any of social media website. Another interesting feature that other music apps don’t have is that multiple users can make a single playlist. It means that you can share your playlist with other users of Spotify and they can add tracks too in your playlist by accessing your shred playlist. Spotify allows you to access more than 35 million music tracks online.

Objective behind the development of Spotify

Spotify was built to stop the users from illegal access to music. Before Spotify, many internet users use to access music that was not available for their countries by using illegal methods. Developers and founders of Spotify tried their best to provide a legal platform to a huge number of users from all over the world to listen and download the tracks from a great collection of tracks according to their wish. They give the concept of moving from illegal ways to a legal one and get the best entertainment at on the platform.

How you can listen to the music without the availability of internet

You can listen to music offline too on Spotify by just applying one step. Sync the records you want to listen even without the availability of internet. Sync the records to your devices either to your computer system or to your mobile phones.

Usage of data while using Spotify

According to a research, while using Spotify you will consume the data amount 2.40 Megabyte per minute approximately. So, according to this your data consumption of an hour will be 115.2 Megabytes per hour approx.

Sign Up for Spotify

It is very necessary to know how to make an account and how to delete a Spotify account.

To sign up for a Spotify account perform the following easy described steps

  • First, go to the web address

  • You will see a Sign-Up button at the top right corner of the webpage.

  • Click that Sign-Up button. A page with Sign up form will be displayed there after clicking the button.

  • Click on the Sign Up here link.

  • It will ask you to check your Facebook id details.

  • Have a look at the details of Facebook id being shown there.

  • In the case, if you are not logged in to your Facebook it will ask you to enter your email address that you are using on FB and the password.

  • After entering email address and password you will have your new account.

  • In case you are already having an account on Spotify, just go to the login enter your username and password and get the access to your user account simply.

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