How to get adsense approval Step By Step guide

Very simple and easy few steps i tell you that’s How to get adsense approval.

First of all, Google is the best platform in virtual world. Google brings the simple way to make money by showing their ads. And Google keeps this patform name is “Google AdSense”. So no doubt about trust. Google AdSense is trusted by many advertisers and publishers from the past few years. 

You Want to know How to Get Google Adsense Approval? than Read this article fully and apply our methods on your website.

If You need adsense approval than show them the most professional approach of getting your account accepted, else Google will simply throw your application aside.

If you are trying to get onto the account or has been rejected earlier, follow these simple guidelines to get your own AdSense account.

Get Google AdSense Approval

Write information base article post: Google always want healthy content that help people. Healthy content helps people to know that they want.

Publish readable Post : Readable post are best for website and that helps you to get Google Adsense Approval without any rejection.

Write unique content : Write unique content for your website/blog. if 500 word  than need 40 articles or if 1000 word articles than need to published 20 post only. (Must be Unique)

Must Be Include those pages : If you want to get google adsense approval than you should to publish those kind of pages.

  1. About Us
  2. Diclimer
  3. Terms and Conditions
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Contact Us

Use Optimize Image size : 

When you write post for your website and there include image then use optimize image size.

Post Everyday : Try to Post everyday (Not necessary). At least one post per day.

Use Meta tag : Include meta tag to your website. Meta tag helps people to find out your site very easily.

Read Google Adsense terms and conditions : Properly and sincerely read the google terms and conditions, without knowledge you don’t be a adsense publisher.

Don’t Use third party ads or product ads : Many people use third party ads to their website or blogs. Remember delete all third party ads before you apply to google adsense for your website.

Use Google Analytics : You should to use google adsense analytics for your website. Google analytics very helpful site, there you can get information about your website condition and number of traffic quality. You knows everyday how much traffic/ visitor search or visit tour website.

Use Google Search Console :  Index your website link to Google search engine by using google search console. Track your site’s search performance with Google Search Console and browse around for Google Webmasters support, learning and community resources. It’s help you to know about your website health and performance.

Don’t Publish Rewrite post : Always publish unique post to get google adsense approval. We know lot’s of articles rewrite free tools that provide rewrite content. Keep away from it.

I hope you will follow this guideline to get adsense approval. If anything lack in this post, please comment in below to inform us. Thank you.


Remind Note: Must be publish unique content on your site.

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