How To Install Dsfix (With Pictures)

How To Install Dsfix (With Pictures)

How To Install Dsfix? Hello, Everybody and welcome in this tutorial. I’m going to be showing you guys, that how you can download and install dsfix.
Dsfix is a third-party add-on for Dark Souls and it’s going to allow you to run your game at 60fps, while also allowing you to do other things like customizing your UI for your game. And also allow you to automatically skip the intro credits. So let’s go ahead and get started now.

Before you do any downloading of dsfix files you’re going to want into steam and open up Dark Souls in its vanilla form like I have here and once it’s open you’re going to find PC settings and then you want to go to anti-aliasing and make sure it’s off . If it isn’t already we’re going to add anti-aliasing later but if it’s on in the game. Here it’s going to cause some issues you’re also want to find resolution and frequency and set them to that of your monitor.


You have in 1920 by 1080 monitor that runs at 60 Hertz so you set it accordingly if you don’t know the resolution and refresh rate of your monitor you can probably find that information with your computer’s model number online. Once you have settings all set press ok and then you can go ahead and quit Dark Souls the next thing you’re going to want to do is download dsfix .


Locate that file it’s a zip folder so now extract all. Once you have it extracted, go ahead and open it up and view the folder contents keep this open and we’ll come back to it later the next thing you’re going to want to do is find your Dark Souls install directory if you’re like me and you don’t really remember where you install Dark Souls go ahead and just open up steam and go into your games library right click on Dark Souls go into properties press local files press browse local files and this is your Dark Souls install directory.

now just double click on the data folder now go back to the folder that you just extracted and then you’re going to copy all of these files and drag and drop them all into this data folder now.

I’ve already done that so once you have that done you’re going to have a folder that looks just like I have here and once you’ve done that dsfix is fully integrated into your game however you are still going to need to configure some settings locate a file called dsfix now there’s two of them there’s a text file and a configuration settings file.

You’re going to open this one it’s the one that has a little picture of a cog next to it double click on that and it’s going to open up this screen now this is where you’re going to be able to change all of the settings for dsfix and from this point onward the actual settings that you pick is going to have to depend entirely on your

computer and what your computer can handle most modern computers since dark souls is an old game are going to be able to do this at maximum settings but note that if you do experience some performance issues you’re probably going to want to come back in here later and lower some of these settings the first thing you’re going to want to take a look at is internal rendering resolution of the game for me I’m going to want to set this again to 1920 and 1080 this is the same resolution setting that you just entered into your Dark Souls game next you’re going to want to make sure that display width and height are both set to here and then you’re going to want to come down to anti-aliasing and set that to 4 for ultra make sure a a type is set to SMA a next come down to ambient occlusion and set ssao strength to 3 for high and then set ssao scale to 1 again for high you can skip all of this stuff move down to depth of field make sure that depth of field setting here is set to 540 and then come down to disable DOF scaling and make sure that’s at zero and then move down to DOF blur amount and make sure that that is set to 1 now we’re going to move on to the frame rate setting now this is where you’re going to be able to set your game to run at 60fps which is probably what most of you are here for so come here to unlock fps and make sure that it’s set to 1 this is going to allow your game to run at 60 frames per second and then move down to FPS limit and make sure this is set to 60 if it sets anything else but 60 your game won’t run at 60fps now you have the option to set an FPS threshold where if your game drops below this number it’ll automatically disable AAA to improve your performance if you want to set this to something go ahead and set this for me. I’m just going to leave this a 27 make sure that filtering override is set to 0 and then move on to HUD options now here is where you can change things about your in-game HUD for me.

I’m just going to leave the HUD as default because I like the default HUD but you can do a bunch of things such as remove weapon options scale down the HUD or set opacity if you want to moving on to window and mouse cursor options you have the option for border less full screen mode disabling the cursor at startup and enabling capture cursor if you want any of that moving on to save game backup options you have the option to enable save game backups if you want to moving on to texture overwrite options make sure enable texture dumping is set to zero and enable texture override is also set to zero moving on to other options you can set skip intro to 1 if you would like to skip the intro credits you can also change the screen shot directory change the in-game language if you want to and do some other stuff you can just kind of browse on your own.

I left most of the stuff unchanged but I did like skipping the intro logos now the settings below where it says the settings below are not get ready to use your going to want to make sure that you don’t touch any of these and then when you’re done with all of your settings changes come up here to the left and press file and save and then go ahead and exit the text file after you’ve done that congratulations dsfix is now fully installed and configured for your game one important thing to note about dsfix is that you can toggle in game between 60 and 30 FPS by pressing the backspace button keep in mind that rendering the game at 60 FPS can mess up some things especially jumps.

Last word: So if you have to make any difficult jump or walk across a narrow ledge in game make sure to press backspace to revert back to 30 FPS just so that you can make a jump without any issues and then you can press backspace again to switch back to 60 FPS afterwards.I hope you all not only found it helpful but can also go out now and enjoy Dark Souls at 60fps don’t forget to like if you enjoyed.

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