How to install WordPress On XAMPP

Do you want to install XAMPP and WordPress on your computer to create a local WordPress site? Let me tell you How to install WordPress On XAMPP. First of all you will need XAMPP for this. XAMPP lets you to run a website from your own computer. You will need to set up a web server software (XAMPP), PHP, and MySQL on your computer. XAMPP makes it easy for you to build WordPress websites locally.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Download and install XAMPP on your computer

First you need to download and install XAMPP. Go to the Apache Friends website and download XAMPP. It is a large file, about 123 MB. Once you downloaded, lunch te file instaler. Depending on your Windows you might get promt message about User Account Control. just click Yes and continue. Then you will see the installer screen.

Click Next to continue.

On the next screen you will choose which components to install. You don’t need all components here, only MySql and PHPMyAdmin:

Click Next again. On the next screen you need to select in which folder to install XAMPP. Leave it here by default:

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On the next screen you will be asked do you want to install Bitnami for XAMPP. You don’t need this, so uncheck the box:

XAMPP is now finally ready to install. Click Next:

The installation will need few minutes to finish. Then you can lunch the control panel and start working with XAMPP.


Step 2: Lunch XAMPP panel and start the services

First thing when you start XAMPP panel you need to start Apache and MySql. To start there modules press start buttons in Actions section:

Once you start them, their status should turn to green:

Now you should be able to test if your local server is working. To do that in your browser go to http://localhost/ :

If all went well, you now have a functioning XAMPP server on your Windows PC! Now you need to install WordPress.


Step 3: Add the WordPress files

First you need to go to From there you need to download the latest version of WordPress.

Then, in Windows, navigate to the folder where you installed XAMPP. Usual that’s C://xampp. Then,  find the htdocs subfolder:

In htdocs create a new folder for your site.  This folder name will become the sub-name used to access your site. If you name it test site, you will access your site by going to http://localhost/testsite.

When you create a folder for your site, extract the WordPress .zip file into it:

Step 4: Create a database for WordPress

Next you need to create a database for your WordPress site. Launch PHPMyAdmin from your XAMPP control panel:

Then click on Databases:

Here enter a name for your database and click Create.

Step 5: Run the WordPress installer

Now you should see the WordPress installer. Remember, your test site is http://localhost/testsite :

Select your language and click Next. On the next screen you need to fill details for the database:

  • Database Name = Name of the database you created in PHPMyAdmin
  • Username = “root”
  • Password = leave blank

Finish the rest of install process like normal.

When you complete the process, you should see your new WordPress install running on your local host:

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