Easy Steps – Learn How To Lose Thigh Fat For Men

Easy Steps – Learn How To Lose Thigh Fat For Men

How To Lose Thigh Fat For Men – The problem of excess fat in the thighs was not only a problem feared by women. But also for men. Even men are more worried when their thighs look big. Therefore many men are looking for ways to lose thigh for men.

How to lose thigh fat for men

Before discussing how to lose thigh fat, it helps us to know some things about this muscle area. Basically seen from the physical, the men are more fortunate in this area. Because the location and position of fat storage are actually different and depends on gender.

The large thighs are usually identical to the women. Because hormones are owned by women make them more likely to store excess fat in the area hip up to the thigh. The dominant testosterone hormone in males tends to push excess fat into the lower abdominal area. While the dominant estrogen in women pushes fat toward the side abdomen, the hip up to the thigh. That’s why women more difficult to shrink muscles around the buttocks, hips and thighs.

While the male hormone is not the case. So if a man has a large thigh shape will give more impression of feminine because men should have a muscular thigh shape. In contrast to women who actually difficult to make muscle formation at the waist, hips up to the thighs. But this makes it easier for men to lose their thighs than women if it is done seriously.

How to lose the thighs for men which will be described below is to do some movement that utilizes the thigh muscle so that your thighs can lose and muscular.

Especially judging from the biological function, the placement of fat in this area is intended to help women when later in pregnancy and breastfeeding mass. So for us men, have a thigh that is too big it will make us look feminine.

Another thing to note is that the groin is the more dominant place there are muscles. In contrast to the fat that can be minimized, muscle mass does not allow to be minimized. While in fact some individuals are born with large thigh muscles. Examples are physical endurance like weightlifting, runners, swimmers or cyclists. Basically, those who are successful in this branch are those who have above average thigh muscle mass.

There are easy steps to check if our thighs are dominated by muscle or fat. First, straighten your legs forward. Then tighten the thigh muscles. Try pinching the upper thighs. If we can lift high pinch results means our thighs are still dominated by fat. And if the opposite means we have a large thigh muscle mass.

To get the appropriate shape, here’s how to shrink the thighs as well as sports to form the thigh muscles.

  • The first step is to make a squatting motion with the thigh as a pedestal. Place the hands behind the neck. Like if you want to do push ups. Straight body with straight back. Perform a descending movement as if to squat. Perform this movement until the thigh muscles feel stretched. Get down the body to the position as if sitting.
  • Second is by doing squat jump motion. This movement is aimed at the area of the quads, recumbent bike for weight lose ,hamstrings, hips and calf area. Fold your hands in front of your chest while standing up straight. Head facing forward with both legs opened shoulder width apart. Crouch down while pulling the breath until the thighs parallel to the floor. Jump high into the air while exhaling and then return to its original position with the thighs parallel to the floor.
  • The third step to shrink the thigh is to make a kicking movement forward. Take raw or special sports equipment that can sustain body weight. Throw your legs straight ahead. This movement can be done two legs at once or alternately between the right and left.
  • Fourth is to exercise calorie burner. Do it for 30 minutes before doing the above exercise. This sport may include cycling, running or the like.
  • Fifth is to do a calorie diet. Foods containing fat and carbohydrates should be reduced. Concentrate foods on protein elements. This diet should be done in the long term.

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