How To Select Multiple Files On Mac

Select multiple files in Mac OS X

Each of these tricks works to select groups of files in a Finder list view, or the icon, list, columns or Cover Flow.

Select Connected group files with Click + drag or Shift + Click

Multiple files can be easily selected in OS X using the Click + Drag . it works just as it sounds; click and continue to hold the click as you drag within a window to draw a selection box and select more files.

Another option is to use Shift + Click . which also works to select groups of contiguous files in the OS X Finder. Select the first file, hold down the Shift key and then click on the last file, and you will immediately select all files between these two files as well.

Both methods work with files that are recorded sequentially (that is, side by side in each view), but do not work if you are looking for files that are not directly grouped to select. That is when you want to use Command + click place.

Select multiple Non-adjacent files with Command + Click

Command + click allows you to select multiple files that do not side by side in a Finder view. This can be as varied as needed, whether that be any other file or file at the top of a list view and a further two files on the bottom or any other variety in between.

You can scroll through a Finder window and select more items when you go down, just remember to keep the Command key pressed when selecting a new file (s).

Command + click can also work on deselecting files that have already been selected and subtracted. For example, you can use Command + A to select all or a Shift + Click to select a large group of files, then use Command + Click to select a few files that you do not want active is selected in the group lift.

Select all files in a window with Command + A

Select All is free to himself, he chooses everything in a certain Finder window, and it’s just a matter of hitting Command + A, the All Shortcut button.

This has been a very long time, and unlike the drawing rectangle, it is probably the best-known trick to work with groups of files. For those who are not fans of the keyboard shortcuts, you can also select all the files in a window by tapping down on the Edit menu and choosing “Select all.

As mentioned in the previous trick, using select in combination with Command + clicks to the things that you do not want to undo is very helpful.

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