Few Easy Steps: How To Sync Fitbit With Android

Few Easy Steps: How To Sync Fitbit With Android

How To Sync Fitbit With Android? To join the Fitbit results with your account, you must synchronize your Fitbit regularly with the app. We will show you the exact procedure in this manual.

Sync Fitbit with the app

In just a few steps you can get your app up to date and make the hard-won results visible:

  1. Open the Fitbit app for Android Phone or on your iPhone, the Fitbit app for iOS .
  2. At the top you see your devices. Choose the right Fitbit device with a tap.
  3. You can now sync in the Sync section. To do so, tap Sync Now.
  4. You may still need to confirm that your Bluetooth is turned on. It may take a moment while your Fitbit syncs.
  5. Tip: For regular updates, you can also activate the “24-hour synchronization”

How FitBit, the company behind such fitness trackers as the FitBit One or the new wireless activity and sleep bracelet Flex, announced last night in their company blog, understand the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and the FitBit tracker with Bluetooth 4.0 now.

This means that the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4, who also have a FitBit One, Ultra or the fitness bracelet Flex, can now sync their fitness trackers directly with the FitBit app on their Galaxy S4.

Certainly quite handy for the fitness-minded owners of a Galaxy S4 from Samsung, because you do not have to sync the FitBit One or the fitness bracelet Flex on your desktop or laptop with the Bluetooth receiver from FitBit, but you become more independent, so to speak.

Thus one can synchronize the fitness or activity tracker of FitBit directly with the Galaxy S4, whereby this synchronization between the FitBit trackers is nothing really “new”, because already the Galaxy S3 became some time ago (thanks to Bluetooth 4.0) as one of the select few Android phones through FitBit for direct sync between cellphone and fitness tracker.

The FitBit supported smartphones are thus gaining, even if it is only once again a smartphone of all the devices on the market, which may now sync directly with the activity trackers FitBit.

Thus, the smartphones currently supported by FitBit include the iPhone 4S as well as the iPhone 5, the iPod Touch (5th generation) and the iPad mini as well as the iPad 3 from Apple. For Android, there are currently only Samsung devices in terms of FitBit – the Samsung Note 2, the Galaxy S3 and just the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Google will soon be integrating support for Bluetooth 4.0 as standard in the Android OS and this could already be the case with Android 4.3 / 4.2.3. While the update to Android 4.3 / 4.2.3 may be released in the coming days or weeks (rumored to be somewhat from June), it’s almost certain that the next version of Android was a bit screwed to the Bluetooth protocol ,

Once Google has standardized (or fully integrated) support for Bluetooth 4.0 in Android, it will also be easier for the FitBit team to get more Android smartphones in sync directly with the activity and sleep trackers.

Last Word: I hope this tips and tricks will help you.

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