How to update wordpress manually – With Pictures

“How to update WordPress manually,” some kind of my friends asked me, then I thought why not I write a post that will be helpful.

Maybe you are looking for the easiest method to update WordPress to the latest version? Am I right?  Don’t worry your easiest method is here.

If you want to update WordPress manually, you have to go into the WordPress admin panel before you proceed with the upgrade.

We strongly advise you to make the online backup of your WordPress. Go to the dashboard and choose the plugins tab from the drop-down menu. Choose to add new on the next page enter the keyword back up into the search bar and press ENTER.

  • Now choose the online backup for WordPress plug-in and click install now in the pop-up window press OK after the installation is complete, click on activate plug-in on the next page. Click on View status of the installed plug-in go to the backup tab and choose download as the backup type click start the manual backup after the backup process is the complete press download full backup and save it on your hard drive.
  • Go to the plugins tab and choose installed plugins disable all the installed plugins to avoid any problems after the upgrade now you can install the latest version of the WordPress.
  • Click on the link at the top of the page to download the latest version of WordPress download the archive with the latest version and save it on your hard drive now go to the download archive and extract its contents wait until the extraction process is complete and open the wordpress folder delete the WP content folder.
  • Open the FileZilla file manager and enter the address of your FTP server select all the files and folders except WP-Content folder wp-config.php file right click on the selected files and press delete in the pop-up window press yes wait until the removal process is complete.

  • After completing removal process, Go to the WordPress – 3.5 folders on the Left select all files right click and choose upload after the upload process is complete go to the failed transfers tab and press process queue.
  • Then time to go back to the browser window press f5 to reload the page click update WordPress database your WordPress database has been successfully updated. Click continue as you can see the WordPress has been updated to the latest version go to the installed plugins and reactivate all previously disabled plugins.

Your update has been successful and you can now play around with the latest version of WordPress.

Tip: To avoid losing any custom changes you make to the WordPress core files after you update, you may consider creating your own child theme which will save all your custom coding in a separate directory and therefore not be overwritten when you update to the latest version in the future.

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