How to update wordpress theme – With Pictures

In this tutorial, I’m gonna be showing you “How to update a WordPress theme” and a really quick and easy way.

So let’s get started to show “How to update wordpress theme”.

We’re updating our WordPress theme and we’re gonna be doing it in a very quick and easy way I used to use a plugin so we don’t need to mess around with FTP or any of that sort of stuff. 

Just install a plugin upload a zip file and we’re all done the thing. We’re gonna be updating today is the flat sum which is a theme that I used in previous time. However, this will work for any WordPress theme hopefully. It should work with any WordPress theme so without any more chit chat with me. Let’s get on the computer and get updated. Ok, so I’m over at chop power tools which is an affiliate website that I created. I’ll pop a card up on the screen now if you want to go check it out but this theme is running flat ‘some version 2 point something and we need to update it to version free point something, so I’ll show you how to do that in a really easy quick way without hopefully losing any settings or anything like that so let’s go for it.

  • So I’m logged in so when you go back into the dashboard and then we’re going to install a plug-in to do all the heavy lifting for us so rather than mess around with FTP and all that kind of stuff which is the kind of long way of doing it and a little bit technical when you need extra software like sort of stuff today we’re gonna be using a plug-in and the plug-in is called easy theme update which is a good name because that’s what it’s done hopefully.
  • Click install then activate you okay that’s done.
  • Now you have to download the latest version of your theme. So Just download the latest version of the theme and you need to go to wherever you cut your theme from and make sure you’ve got the latest version which I’m sure you already have which is why yeah you’re looking for it because you want to obviously update.
  • Now go a downloads folder create a new folder which is just flat some example update or something it’s just so I can find it now let’s save that and then go into there and extract that zip file so this is going to be different depending on your theme. So I’ll just get a zip file which is ready to upload sometimes like this one you get a zip file which then has a zip file inside.

We gonna be going for so back to the website and it’s been like installing a new plugin ready we’re just going to go straight a new theme we’re going to go to appearance and themes I’m gonna go add new then we go upload theme then I’m going to find that downloads that are it file which is in here flats are made and then the theme files version free there it is the then I’m gonna click the Install.

Now just uploading so that’s all done the update for as you can see there it stares back at me all version theme and if you need to go back for a reason you can just click on there download it and then reinstall and it says figure updated successfully.

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