Learn How To Write a Case Report

Learn How To Write a Case Report

How To Write a Case Report? A case report is literally a case study. These are often written by doctors or students in health care, such as medications or physiotherapy students. It is often difficult when writing a case report for the first time. Therefore, it explains the structure of a case report in this article, and some practical tips.

What is a case report?

As mentioned in the introduction, a case report is a description of a case. A case report is about a patient, and has a special complaint rule. The case is central to the report, but in addition, there is still the condition tests and treatments studied in the literature.

Why a case report?

Often it is a case report writing an order from the school. But there are several reasons why someone is writing a case report.

  • Patient, for example, a rare disease
  • A new / innovative therapy
  • Abnormal / unusual course
  • Basis for further research

Building a Case Report

A case report form you write an article with the following structure:

  • Title page
  • Summary: Here say, in brief introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion.
  • Introduction: The introduction will tell you the result of the case report and a literature review on the state. As the incidence / prevalence of the disease. In addition, there is more than one digit interresting in the introduction. Some examples: How often does the condition affect men or women? How often do the symptoms become chronic? How much does the condition cost? The last part is the reference to the problem where the whole study is based.
  • Procedure: In the procedure, all written from the investigation to the treatments. It is important to do a number of things to be considered in the procedure. Falls under the category of research, the names, the research objectives, the study itself and the measuring instruments used. Under the heading covered treatment, consideration of treatment, treatment goals, number of treatments / frequency, interventions and evaluation tools.
  • Results: It is important to mention how many treatments the result is achieved. It’s easy to put it in a table.
  • Discussion: In the discussion will start with a brief description of the case and the result obtained. Then you can describe the strengths and weaknesses of the written case report. Most of the discussion, compare your own study of the literature. Do the results of the treatment match that? Or are there significant differences? It is important that you compare many different items with each other. Well-known search engines PubMed and Google Scholar.
  • Conclusion: In summary, you briefly put the most important results. In addition, there comes the answer to the problem.

It is useful to check just a few examples over the internet, but it is also important that you fill in the case report in your own way.

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