How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship?

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship? In this era of time, you see that there is tough competition in every industry. The things have changed over time and even the rules of hiring and recruitment have also changed. Do you think it is easy to get the jobs even in this era of tough competition?

Of course not! Those who present their skills properly win the game. I mean, the cover letter is what that is important and it can really create a big difference. Cover letters are intended to assist employers to decide for the right applicant for a particular job. In simple words, cover letters present a brief summary of the skills and abilities of applicants that employer can analyze and he can get an idea how an applicant can add value to his business. One who will be able to justify himself in this regard will win.

What is a Cover Letter for an Internship?

A cover letter is actually a simple business letter that is written by a person who is seeking for a job and it is the first ever communication that anyone can have with the employer. As you know, “the first impression is the last impression”, so the cover letter should present the skills and abilities in such an attractive way that employer could definitely choose you. It is important for you to know that it is the cover letter that is presented even before the interview and hence employer will make an image about you in his mind through the cover letter that you will send him. Therefore, make the cover letter engaging and impressive in order to beautify your image in his mind.

The cover letter contains true information regarding the training or work experience of the applicants they ever had in their lives. In addition to it, basic information is also a part of this letter, for example, name, address, contact details, etc.

How to write a cover letter?

Writing a cover letter is not a big deal but some people think that it is too difficult. In fact, I have seen people who get their cover letters written by someone else. Can anybody else know about you and your skills even better than you? Off course not! Hence, it is important to learn the way how to write a cover letter and then to write it yourself.

Cover letters are not like the typical letters but these are in a simple, summarized manner. A cover letter must cover the following important aspects to making it highly formal and professional:

  • Information about you:

Every cover letter starts with the basic personal information hence you must include accurate information at the beginning of the letter. Most of the people do not even know that the basic information should be mentioned in the blocked letters on the top in the left margin of the paper. You are supposed to mention your name, current address and contact number.

  • Date:

The next thing that has to appear in the cover letter is a date. The format of the date should be formal as it is in any business letter.

  • Employer’s name, title or company’s name:

You should mention the name of the employer along with his title if you know it but in case, you found the particular job opportunity through any advertisement in newsletter then there are chances that rather than employer’s name, you would be provided with the company’s name. Hence, you should include the name of the company. It is even better to call the company and ask for the manager’s name and then you can mention it in your cover letter.

  • Salutation:

Another vital component of a cover letter is salutation. In salutation, you are actually contacting the employer and hence you should choose the most appropriate way of salutation. Here is the sample of the simple and attractive salutation:

  • Dear Mr. David (If you are contacting man’s name)

  • Dear Ms. Angelina (if a female employer has to be contacted)

  • Dear Prospective employer (if you don’t know employer’s name)

  • The body of the letter:

Now, it comes to the body of the cover letter that should be based on three paragraphs i.e., opening paragraph, middle paragraph and second middle paragraph.

Opening paragraph

This paragraph is very important because in this part, you tell the employer how you got to know about particular job post. Usually, you know about a job vacancy through persona referrals, internet, an unsolicited mail or a classified advertisement in newsletters. Whichever is the source, you should mention it truly. If you know about a job through personal referrals and you mention that you found through classified advertisement then there are great chances of rejection. If the company did not buy any classified ad and you mentioned that you got information through this way then the employer wil discard your cover letter right away knowing that you are lying.

Middle paragraph

In this paragraph, you should include as much of your background and the most relevant skills as much you can. Keep it in your mind that the skills must be relevant. You must know what the employer wants to buy from you and you should offer exactly similar skills in this paragraph in order to grab his attention.

Second Middle paragraph

It is an addition to the middle paragraph actually and in this part, you can discuss your alternative skills that are relevant to your main skills.

  • The closing of the letter:

At the end, you are now going to close your cover letter and in this part, you must talk about the availability of the particular job like you should give the contact information where the company can contact you after considering your cover letter. In addition to it, you should say Thanks to the person to whom the letter is written.

Some useful tips for you to write a cover letter:

Here you are going to get the most useful tips for writing the cover letter. These tips can really make your letter different from your competitors’ letter and hence the employer is definitely going to contact you after going through that letter. Without wasting even a single moment, let’s discuss those tips one by one:

  • Paper and printing matters a lot:

The paper should be white or ivory having the weight of 20 to 25 lbs. keep it in your mind that you should print your letter on the single side of the paper. Rather than printing the second page on the backside of the same paper, you should get it printed on a new paper. The same paper should be used for envelopes and for the resume as well that you are using for cover letter. If the paper contains any dirty marks from your printer or shadowing then it will create a bad impact and so try to avoid it. If unfortunately, it happens then you should get the letter printed on another paper again.

  • Avoid the errors:

The employment ads, the employer or the company provides proper instructions that you need to follow. In addition, there should be no spelling or formatting error in the cover letter. In order to avoid such errors, you should proofread the letter several times. Most importantly, you should go through the name of the recipient, the name of the company and the title again and again because these areas are very prominent and these must be errors free.

It is even better to get the letter proofread by anyone else. Your signature on the letter should be in blue or black ink and it should not be colorful. You are also advised to keep a copy of cover letter with you for your personal record. In simple words, there should not even be a single error in the cover letter that you have to present in front of the employer.

  • Give Proper layout:

The cover letter layout and design also matters a lot and it shows how much professional you are. The format of the cover letter must be formal or example, it should not be printed on both sides rather; it should be printed on the single side of the page. In addition to it, you are required to focus on the font style and font size. Usually, an official document like cover letter is written in Times, Helvetica or Courier and 10 to 14 points are appropriate in font size.

Make appropriate usage of italics, underlining, boldface and all-caps. These things should not create the effect of overdo. .These things may seem simple but believe me that these are very important and they can create a positive or negative impact in the mind of the employer.

  • The writing style is important:

The structure of the context also matters a lot. You should plan the context in an organized and logical way. The sentences should be short and relevant and there should be correct usage of grammar. Keep the language simple and short because if you use difficult vocabulary that the employer is not able to understand then he wil not take interest in your letter. In addition to it, you should focus on the punctuation rules; use dashes, commas and periods appropriately.

  • Content must be engaging:

Keep it in your mind that in the cover letter, you are not supposed to mention your needs but you have to mention how you can serve the employer and how you can fulfill his demand. The content should be engaging and impressive and in the cover letter, you must relate your skills and abilities to the needs of the employer so that he will find that you are the most appropriate person for that particular job. You must discuss your strengths and experiences in the letter so that the employer would know how you can bring value in his organization.

Before you write the cover letter, you should research really well about the company; what it is, what is the purpose of the company, what is the requirement of particular job post for which you are applying, etc.

Most importantly, you are supposed to be as much specific as you can. Employers have hundreds of cover letters on their tables and they don’t have time to read the stories. Hence you must avoid the stories in your letter and be specific!

Why do you need to know how to write a cover letter for an internship?

The question is why you need to know how to write a cover letter for an internship? There are many people who cannot write an attractive and a professional cover letter and you know that the first ever communication that will be held between you and the employer is your cover letter. Your employer doesn’t know anything about you and in the cover letter; you have to structure yourself, about your skills and about your experiences. There are so many applicants for a particular job post that only those are considered for the next step who succeed to attract the employer with their cover letter. Therefore, do not think cover letter as useless but it is such an important piece of paper that can help you to step into an organization and that can provide you the job that you desire for.


Therefore, you have come to know about cover letter and its importance today. In addition to it, you have come to know how to write a professional cover letter in order to attract the employer. Believe me that your cover letter sometimes become even more important than your actual skills because once you will succeed to make a perfect impression of yourself in the mind of the employer, you will definitely increase the chances for yourself to win the job. When you are writing a cover letter, you must know that it is presenting you and hence it should be itself presentable. If the letter is itself not presentable then how it can present you beautifully!

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