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About this Game

Kingdom Come: Deliverance : An action role-playing open-world RPG game that runs by the rules of a real world, Kingdom Come Deliverance is a masterpiece. With most of the RPG games taking the highway of implementing fast-paced moves glossed with the use of magic, Deliverance creates its own path by introducing gamers to a slow-paced world with so much to do. The word ‘slow’ in the gaming world is always associated with boredom. Well, that is not the case here. Deliverance recreates medieval lifestyle as accurately as it can be. The fights are portrayed with a sense of reality while characters think, act and respond just as a normal human being would. Deliverance serves a beautiful site of wooden medieval Kingdom of Bohemia which is an Imperial State in the Roman Empire. The area consists of logging camps, small towns, as well as farms. There is a strong logic in the assignment of each piece of land. The initial worldwide release date of the game was on the 13th of February, 2018.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the first of its kind. It is the first game to be developed by Warhorse Studios. The game’s research goes deep, and this has an impact on how the material is delivered. With most of the RPG games based on the save-the-world plots, this masterpiece at times will throw challenges that do not even require a drop of violence. For instance, reciting a sermon by Jan Hus because the parish priest had gone on a drinking spree the night before and had a hangover. The story of the game is complex, intrepid as well as engaging. It follows our protagonist Henry, a young peasant who is born to a blacksmith Martin. The Skalitz town is well-known for mining silver. There is peace such that the young Henry wishes to explore an adventurous life outside the village. His life changes when he witnesses the murder of his parents in the hands of the Cuman and Czech soldiers. Merely escaping death while holding the last sword he made with his father, Henry seeks to avenge his family and the adventurous journey begins.

How to Play

Kingdom Come: Deliverance : Unlike most of the RPG games where you need a spell or magic weapon to bust through some of the intense fights, Kingdom Come Deliverance presents a satisfying chance of transforming a mere scrub into a hard-core killer. Playing Deliverance is at times thought-provoking. Unlike most of the games where one is used to a certain routine against different foes, this game challenges you to think like a normal human compared to being just a gamer. You should take a bath, take your clothes to the laundry, as well as visit the tailor otherwise you will not make a good impression and be able to hold a conversation with the noble. These are a few of the many features that take Deliverance to higher grounds.
Since Deliverance is a classless RPG system-based game, you are required to customise the character’s attributes based on the mission, i.e. stealth, warrior, bard etc. As a gamer, you are in control of certain dialogues, and the character’s stats and abilities will grow based on what you say and do. Selection of clothes is also important as it can affect the player’s attribute. For example, wearing plate armour while on a stealth mission will increase chances of being detected. Also featured in Deliverance is a needs system that requires the player to sleep, bath and eats to keep fit. Quests are presented in a nonlinear format meaning there are many ways of completing objectives. You should also note that NPCs have got a certain daily routine that the player can affect. This means that the NPCs can alter their routines based on your actions.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance , The idea of Kingdom Come Deliverance was first pitched by Daniel Vavra in 2009. Upon securing funds to develop the game’s prototype, Warhorse Studio was developed in 2011. In 2012, the studio secured CryEngine 3 License. By 2016, Warhorse Studios signed a publishing deal with Dee Silver. Jan Valta, together with Adam Sporka composed the game’s soundtrack. On the 13th of February 2018, the game was released worldwide together with the game code, as well as gameplay.

Developer: Warhorse Studios
Engine: CryEngine
Designers: Daniel Vavra and Viktor Bocan
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

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