Mass Effect 2 Game Reviews and More Information

Mass Effect 2 Game Reviews and More Information

About the game: Mass Effect 2 is an action-packed video game published by Electronic Arts and developed by BioWare. The player takes the role of Commander Shepard in the future where the world is threatened by alien insectoid species.

The player has to form a team of soldiers and prevent the enemy forces from creating havoc. The game got appreciation from critics and fans alike for its engaging storyline, combat techniques, and overall assembling of every component.

About the development:

Right after the release and success of Mass Effect, the designer, and director of the game started working on the development of Mass Effect 2. There were quite a few aspects that the developer BioWare had insisted on having. The designing head, however, had added focus on improving the weaponry and the combat.

The developers also worked on giving the RPG aspects a touch up as they gave the same for designing the game’s landscape. After the resounding success of Mass Effect 2, the developers have also released Mass Effect 3, which is a sequel to this game.

About the designer:

Preston Watamaniuk is a lead designer of this game.
About BioWare: BioWare is an Alberta-based game development company, which got its inception in 1995. They have grown as a firm and have won several awards for their growth and the recent lineup of games including Mass Effect 2.

Release Date: Mass Effect 2 released on January 26, 2010.
Mode: Single-players can play this game.

Platforms: Players can play this game on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and even on PlayStation 3.
System Configuration: Mass Effect 2 by BioWare requires 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo functioning smoothly. Besides that, the game would require Windows Vista/ Windows 7 to run and 1 GB RAM.

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