Minecraft Game Reviews,Development Details and more Information

Minecraft Game Reviews, Development Details and more Information

About Minecraft: Minecraft is a video game, which has set a new benchmark in sandbox genre of the game. The game developed by Mojang is a unique mod based game where the players can choose a mod and then work on developing their world there. The players would need to use their survival instinct and analytical skills to get better in this game.

About the development of Minecraft: Minecraft today, is a symbol for perfection in the computing world since the game’s original design is all about 3D Procedure characters. The game might somewhat look like LEGO toys but that is the USP of it. Players have an option of downloading this game or play by realms. Its PC version allows players to not just use the mods available but also create their own mods and build cities and world. The game has won several awards and with each development, it has only become better. Minecraft gets ambient music in its background.

About Mojang: Mojang took this concept, developed and published it. The game is iconic and received praise from all corners for being innovative. The company of Mojang came up in 2009.
About the designers: The designers include Stephen McManus, Jens Bergensten, and Markus Persson.
Release Date: Minecraft got its release on November 18, 2011.
Mode: The game of Minecraft is available both in single player and multiplayer options.
Platforms: It is available for playing in Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, and Linux.
System configuration: In order to play Minecraft, players would require the system to have Integrated and Discrete GPU. The integrated GPU could be of AMD Radeon R5 series (Kaveri line) with OpenGL 4.4*. The Discrete GPU could be of Nvidia GeForce 400 Series. At least 1 GB HDD is required for storing the files of this game.

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