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8.2/10 8.9/10 91%

About Orange Is the New Black TV Series and History

The Orange is the New Black is an idiom that was adopted as a concept of the US presidential campaign on replacement of President Obama by Mr. Donald Trump. The orange represents the color of Mr. Donald Trump and black represents skin color of  Mr. Barak Obama. However, the policies remain the same. Similarly, the TV series revolves around the twin-stories of two lovers who are united situated in a prison in a New York City and encounters opposite thinking group in the jail.
About Orange Is the New Black

About Orange Is the New Black Cast and Characters
The TV series is about “Piper Chapman” (original name, Taylor Schilling) that is a young woman and lives in the New York City but unfortunately she has been given a prison sentence for the period of 15 months in a jail after being convicted for assisting her  ex-girlfriend “Alex Vause” (original name, Laura Prepon) in drug smuggling. The series shows struggles of Piper to keep herself motivating regarding survival in the jail where she has again opportunity to check her relationship with her ex-girlfriend, Alex. Moreover, this series also gives a deep analysis regarding effects of the behavior of jail staff over the prisoners, consequences of drug smuggling, health issues of drug users, etc. Many other important characters include “Larry Bloom” as fiancé of Piper and “Joe Caputo” as Director, Human Activities/Warden, which keep on changing in the later seasons.

Total Episodes

The series is expanded over five seasons started from its very first episode released on July 11, 2013 and the fifth season released on June 09, 2017. All seasons are consisted over thirteen episodes with different concepts and amazingly humorous plots of the casts. The table is given below regarding episodes and release dates of the same:



Originally released

July 11, 2013
June 6, 2014
June 11, 2015
June 17, 2016
June 9, 2017

About Production

The series is created by “Jeni Kohan” who is a well-known has finalized the story after the script is sent to her by her friend and the series was also available on the Netflix after being originally telecasted by Lionsgate. The series also acclaimed vast critics due to the concepts of sexuality and human emotions. However, the overall rating about critics is given to the 2nd season that is 98% and 89% by the “Rotten Tomatoes” & “Metacritic”, respectively. The season 6 shall be released soon, as well.

Season Critical response
Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
1 93% (40 reviews) 79 (32 reviews)
2 98% (42 reviews) 89 (31 reviews)
3 96% (24 reviews) 83 (53 reviews)
4 95% (39 reviews) 86 (19 reviews)
5 74% (35 reviews) 67 (20 reviews)

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