P1 Video Magnet Review and Bonus

One of the Most Sophisticated
Free Traffic Tools?

…or Another Waste of Time?

You know what it’s like. A big product launch comes along for a new piece of software, everybody tells you how great it is…

…for sure it looks pretty cool…

…and you begin to think this is really something that is going to make your business sky-rocket.

So you buy it. Excitedly you begin to work with it…

…and very quickly, the promises in the sales copy and in the promotional emails begin to wear very, very thin.

So What About P1 Video Magnet…

Is it Any Good?

Well, let’s look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly parts in a review of P1 Video Magnet.

Plus – don’t Forget to Look Below for some FREE, best bonus teaching I’m giving away.

The Good?

It’s fair to say after reviewing P1VM that one thing is without doubt. It is a very sophisticated tool. Fantastically well put together, with some really, really cool features.

You’ve probably seen these on the sales page. They are great, for sure. Literally, I am impressed by these features:

  • A very clean, instantly professional theme styled around video
  • Amazing opt-in and social share functionality that normally is so complex to set up (but super easy with P1 Video Magnet)
  • Incredible bounce-rate-elimination – brings any visitors thinking of leaving your site right back in!
  • Copyscape automatically approved content generation on autopilot!
  • And last but not least…

…one of the most incredibly fast video content curation abilities I’ve ever seen.

So, that’s the good news. Pretty swept up.

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Honestly, you can’t knock the professional, high quality functionality of this tool. The possibilities are amazing!


The Bad?

The big question is: so what?

What I mean is, for all this super-duper, swept up cool functionality, is it actually going to do anything for your business?

And the answer is “yes and no”. Because there is one major, huge, massive missing ingredient….

The Ugly Truth – Traffic!

You will get small amounts of traffic from what are called “long tail keywords” (very low completion key phrases).

But this traffic will not develop unless there is “natural” growth in your site’s popularity.

BONUS TRAINING – Turn Your P1 Video Magnet Site Into a Social Traffic Avalanche!

I have been successfully running a social traffic strategy for 18 months now, generating over 10,000 social traffic visitors a month to my sites. All 100% natural social traffic.

Absolutely free. Not a penny spent in advertising.

And I have to tell you I am super excited about P1 Video Magnet because it has all the features that are going to turn my social traffic into a massive snowball of traffic and profit!

Honestly, these fit together like hand in glove!!!

And I’m going to give you that simple social traffic method absolutely free as a bonus with a purchase of Peter Garety’s P1 Video Magnet.

Social traffic will start the ball rolling for the viral growth in your P1 Video Magnet’s site’s popularity!!!

A Powerful Combo – Unleash the Powerful Features of P1 Video Magnet

…With Free Social Traffic

Don’t let P1 Video Magnet become another great piece of software that does nothing for you…

Combine it with my Simple Social Traffic method and release the powerful, powerful features of P1 Video Magnet.

My free training will teach you EXACTLY how I set up this massive social traffic, simply and easily.

Upsells Plus Even More Bonus Teaching

There are TWO MORE essential ingredients if your P1 Video Magnet site is to prosper…

These additional bonuses are available if you purchase Peter Garety’s upsell 1. Upsell 1 is an amazing piece of software to syndicate your content all over the internet.

Here are the bonuses we’ve put together to go with it.

Bonus #2: Amazing Content Generation – Fast!

For all the amazing content generation options – to rank high in the search engines Google today needs to see quality. But quality content is hard or time consuming…

… not any more! I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard this super-fast and simple method to generate absolutely unique, never seen before content that is top quality!

Bonus #3: Avoiding A Duplicate Content Penalty in One Easy Setup

SEO’ers know that WordPress has one well-known and fundamental flaw when it comes to SEO. Unless you set it up the right way, all of your tags will get indexed, resulting in a duplicate content penalty for your site.
It is simple to set it up the right way to avoid this with a free plugin. We’ll show you how.

Review of P1 Video Magnet by Peter Garety – Summary and Best Bonus on the Planet!

Yes, Peter Garety’s P1 Content Magnet is an impressive software tool. Really, genuinely impressive.

But it’s a tool, not a business. don’t let this amazingly capable tool become another awesome piece of software that does nothing for your business…

Combine it with my Simple Social Traffic method and release the powerful, powerful features of P1 Video Magnet.

Get the Super-powerful P1 Video Magnet Software with massively impressive features PLUS:

  • Unleash your Video Magnet website’s full potential with Simple Social Traffic method.
  • Generate absolutely unique, never seen before content that is top quality in a way you’ve never even thought about!
  • Avoid a duplicate content penalty in one easy setup

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