Paz de la Huerta Personal Life

Paz de la Huerta is the stage name of Maria de la Paz Elizabeth Sofia Adriana de la Huerta y Brue who is an American actress, model, writer and a designer that was born on 3rd September 1984. She had done her schooling at Saint Ann’s School, New York. De la Huerta also completed her summer camp at Buck’s Rock in performing arts.

Professional life

Before entering the film industry, she was a successful model during her teenage. Her debut film was “The Object of My Affection”, which was a romantic comedy, with a small role during the year 1998. Her subsequent year, she played the role opposite Michael Caine and Charlize Theron in the film titled “The Cider House Rules”.
Paz de la HuertaDuring the year 2002, a movie with the title of “A Walk to Remember” was made based on the novel Nicholas Sparks. Huerta acted opposite Shane West and Mandy Moore and the film claimed the third spot at the U.S. Box office in the first weekend. This film was a modest hit at the box office overall with a total collection of more than $40 million in the US film market alone and it was a super hit movie in Asia.
During the auditions in the year 2007 in New York, Gaspar Noe, a renowned Director of the film industry discovered the latent talent, which all suited for the psychedelic melodrama film. She has cast the role of Linda for the film “Enter the Void”, which revolves around the neon-lit nightclub environments of Tokyo.

The crime drama television series by name Boardwalk Empire created in the year 2009 by HBO brought fame to Huerta, so much so that HBO opted for another 11 episodes of the crime drama. The American Film Institute also adjudged it as one of the ten best television programs of the year and the score indicated “universal acclaim”.
The appreciation of the first series of the Boardwalk Empire continued even in the second series comprising 12 episodes, which were premiered during Sep 2011 to Dec 2011. The second series was also awarded 81/100 and Rotten Tomatoes, who is an aggregator website, reported 85% of critics giving the series a “Certified Fresh” rating.
The year 2011 was a bad patch for her. The MTV reality show actress Samantha Swerta sued Huerta as they were embroiled at a bar. Subsequent to her arrest, the charges were reduced to the non-criminal violation as Huerta pleaded harassment. She was ordered to undergo alcohol counseling for 12 weeks and one day of community service besides staying away from Samantha.
In the film “Bare”, Huerta played a role opposite Diana Agron during the year 2015. The film was based on the psychedelic spiritual experience and the role Pepper played by Huerta was perfect matching for stripping who was into a life of drugs. The film has seen a limited release besides video on demand. The critics handed out 5.9/10, which is a positive review of average rating.

Family Details
Huerta was born to Iñigo de la Huerta y Ozores, who was a Spanish Duke of Mandas and Villanueva and Judith Bruce who works on women’s issues in the developing countries.
Career Path
Besides being an actress and a model, Huerta was famous for her roles in the series of Television.
Her roles as a TV actress included
-Boardwalk Empire
In addition, her popular music videos include
-By the Time I Get Home There Won’t Be Much of a Place for Me
-Video Games

Personal Life
Huerta has a sister named Rafaela de la Paz. She was raised in New York City and she has been acting since the age of four years. She alleged that Harvey Weinstein who is also in the film industry had raped her twice. She spent her summer vacation with her father in Spain during her school days. Now she resides in Tribeca, New York with her mother and sister.

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