Portal 2 Game Reviews,Development Details and more Information

Portal 2 Game Reviews, Development Details, and more Information

About the game: The game of Portal 2 from Valve Corporation is for those who seek to give their brains some quality of thought and analysis. Complicated puzzles that are sure to challenge the problem-solving trait and even go into a survival mode form the crux of Portal 2. The game got big thumbs up from fans and critics alike when it was released. It features the lead character of Chell who has to escape from the Aperture Science Enrichment Center after being awakened by a supercomputer called GLaDOS. The character has to find his way out by creating portals. The portal would open up to another chamber and lead the character to come across more challenges. There are also two robots to help the player go around and solve each puzzle.

About the development of Portal 2: Portal was already a well-acclaimed game and it was quite difficult. So when the thought came up for launching with its sequel, the developers were in two minds. Creating the maze was a job and there are reports that, soon after the game was out, the developers had also given out downloadable maps for the players to take the role of Chell and escape from the maze like Aperture Science Lab.

About the developer: Valve Corporation is a company that has gained goodwill in the gaming sector for producing top games that get state-of-the-art 3D characterization and design.
About the designer: Erik Wolpaw is a designer of Portal 2 game.
Release Date: The release date was April 19, 2011.
Mode: It has single player and multiplayer modes.
Platform: Portal 2 is compatible with Windows, Linux, OS X, PS3 and Xbox 360.
System Configuration: It runs on Windows 7/Vista/ XP, and needs a graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce 7600.

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