Rocket Fishing Rod Reviews And Ultimate Buying Guides

What is a rocket fishing rod?

Rocket Fishing Rod Reviews – Rocket fishing rod basically is a quality product which is designed for the kids. A rocket fishing rod is a great help when it comes to catching fish for a kid. It shoots like a toy gun and saves the trouble of pulling back the reel, like on ordinary fishing pole. It’s made of bobber (floating body) which when hits the surface of the water, a hook is released automatically. All you have to do is point the rod, aim and shoot where the fish is.

Kids should never stop themselves from hunting, nor they need to listen to bothering adults saying “Fishing ain’t for kids”. Rocket fishing rod consists of a pump handle, bobber with a hook inside and push button to recollect the reel. It should not go without saying that it is a fragile item though, but is designed with high-tech precision engineering.
Design of the rocket fishing rod is unique which offers a secure grip and easy to use functions for kids. For safety, the hook is inside the bobber only releases itself when it reaches the surface of the water. By using this incredible tool, kids can go fishing all by themselves.

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Why you should use Rocket fishing rod

1. Kids love to use a tool

If you enjoy fishing with your loving kids, then you must have thought about your kid fishing beside you. We know that you would have thought about this. But the only thing which was stopping your children to fish is that they can’t use a complex fishing pole.

So, true they can’t, but with this kids-friendly tool out there they actually won’t have to. All they now have to do is to shoot with their rocket fishing rod where the fish is and boom! Job done. They can catch it by just reeling it back with their own hands. Kids also love to use their professional tool, so now they can do something creative which matters to them.

2. Beginner’s best bet

If you have recently started fishing then you must be having some trouble with the fishing pole. It is time to consider using rocket fishing rod, to get hands-on before you do the real thing. There is no shame in doing the practice on an ordinary object before going to the next level.
Rocket fishing rod offers many quick and user-friendly functions which include:

  • Unique and flawless design.
  • Fully automatic mechanism with remote access to the person using it. (It means you call the shots and it does the fishing for you)
  • No messy or tiresome work, it offers a straightforward process, point, aim and shoot.
  • No casting is needed, you just shoot in the direction where you see fish.
  • It will provide the services of the best fishing trainer.

3. Safety and security

The rocket fishing rod is designed with the protection of kids and other people in the vicinity. It consists of a plastic covering around the bobber. Only when the bobber hits the surface of the water, the hook is released and bait is dipped inside the water.

This safety precaution removes any potential risk of accidental injury towards kids as well as to anyone in the vicinity.
When you use the rocket fishing rod, it gives you an ultimate feeling of security and has a reliable mechanism. Moreover, it also comes with a user manual guide inside the package for you to review the safety points carefully.

4. Price-friendly item

We are sure that by reading valuable information, you would have made a decision about buying this incredible magic stick. But you would be having specific questions regarding price of this item, if so don’t be afraid, we will explain.

Rocket fishing rod is available at very low price than any other fishing pole you will buy in the market. This special price offer is generated by keeping the idea of children using this very item. So, it would have to be price competitive for the sake of kids. The offering price over the internet is 38-45 $. Moreover, it could vary depending on the type of online store you use for the purchase.
Amazon is the best choice regarding deals and offers about this very impressive product. But you can choose any online store of your preference. The above-mentioned price is not a final approach, and it could be different in different scenarios.

5. A quick eye-view about why you should use it

  • It is a modern and handy tool.
  • Offers user-friendly system.
  • Comes with a sense of safety for your children.
  • All automated functions, which gives you relief from complicated fishing apparatus.
  • Creates a fun and natural environment for kids to learn new methods of fishing and to explore their limits.

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Top features for Rocket fishing rod

Rocket fishing rod consists of a long list of features and important tasks which it can handle alone. This gadget is designed by keeping in mind the needs of young children. Using this can help your kids by creating a helpful environment for them to play creatively. Moreover, they will learn new productive and enchanting things while fishing beside their friends or family.
Many incredible and top features which Rocket fishing rod includes:

1. Automatic systems

Rocket fishing rod comes prior with fully automatic functions and simple operational sets for kids to use in any environment. For starters you don’t have to make certain amendments to it for fishing, it’s like a plug and play device. All you have to do is hold it right into your hands and just point wherever you see a large population of fish. Shoot it right there where you hope fish are, it is just that simple.

Many automatic systems included are:

  • No casting needed.
  • Pump the hook through and throw it down the water.
  • No need of using your body to calculate the distance of shot and aching your muscles in the process.
  • When it catches fish, reel it back by moving the pulley. Or press the button to allow the pulley to be automatically reeled backward.
  • Have your fish within a matter of a few minutes.
  • Easy and fun experience for kids.

2. User-Friendly interface

The design and build of this incredible are as simple as it gets. It’s made of using an entirely plastic body with considerable strength, to keep it smooth and less bulky for kids. All the machinery is installed within the body of the rod. There are no hanging parts or equipment besides the ones which are already present on the surface.

No need to learn conventional methods of casting out the line, instead press the automatic switch. By pressing the switch the line is cast out automatically at the firing position.
Some important information about the design and user-interface is as follows:

  • It is an incredibly light fishing rod, and it weighs less than 3.5 pounds.
  • The interface is very incredible and remarkable in its own aspect.
  • The firing accuracy and distance range is sufficient for the use by the children.
  • All the essentials accessories for fishing are present inside a userbox, which comes along the rocket fishing rod.

3. Safety is a Priority

The top feature associated with the rocket fishing rod is its safety mechanism. Whenever you fire the fishing line, the hook which is placed inside the bobber with the bait. It does not come off and remains intact. Until the bobber hits the water, the automatic sensors detect the medium and initiate the release of the hook into the water.
And when you catch a fish in the hook, the alarming system produces certain alarming voices. This will let you know that you have captured something and it is time to roll over the line.

4. Step by Step working mechanism

Another top-notch feature of the rocket fishing rod is that it is not complicated like other fishing poles. It offers simplicity and step by step working mechanism.
The various steps for using rocket fishing rod are:

  • You open up the opening of the bobber and pack the fishing bait inside it.
  • You hold the rod with a firm grip and set it into firing position. After the firing position has been fixed now, press the launch switch by which the bobber can be cast out.
  • Next thing is the most crucial one, which is patience, wait for the prey to be trapped inside the hook.
  • After you get something, roll back the reel and take a look at what you caught.

Buyer’s guide For Rocket fishing rod

After talking about incredible features and reasons why you should buy rocket fishing rod, it all comes down to this. How you should buy the Rocket fishing rod. There are a number of ways to do it. You can buy it online over the internet or by visiting the near outlet store.
Following are the ways by which you can buy this amazing item and we will guide you through:

1. Online stores

An incredible and resourceful system where you can buy almost anything and the rocket fishing rod is no different. You can access online stores for this particular item and have it shipped over your address.
Some very competent and useful online stores are as under:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Best buy
  • Walmart

You can surely visit these stores and may get some incredible deals on the package you are interested in.

2. Good old way

If you prefer for your kids to have a say in what they are going to buy. Then you would prefer choosing local stores like Walmart and others. Have asked for the selected item and after reviewing it properly you may buy the item. Rocket fishing rod can be bought by this traditional method. By this way, you can ask the representative to give you a free walkthrough about the fishing rod.

3. What comes in Package

Since you are going to buy something for personal use or for your child, you should have proper information. Most significantly about the manufacturer and specs of product you are buying and what comes with it.
The closed package includes:

  • Rocket fisher rod
  • Bait box
  • Extra copper wire in case real one goes off
  • BONUS bait bucket

Although buying this product at a local store is no loss. It is preferred to buy these things online, as you can claim if anything seems out of the ordinary. They would have your particular item shipped over your place and also there is a fair chance for you to get fantastic deals and offers.

Moreover, they give you their service number, and you can call anytime in case of any emergency service. There are many custom-made rocket fishing rods available in the market. They could vary in the aspect of color, design and overall features. It is advised for you only to buy that item which fits best with your needs.


The fantastic rocket fishing rod review may come handy for you in many aspects. It is an incredible tool for your kids and gives them a proper understanding of the fishing. Another most essential purpose of this gadget is to ignite the spark of doing more in kids. Children don’t feel helpless when given such tools to do the job properly. And the chance is that they might learn a thing or two in the process.

If you are planning a next fishing trip with your family and also going to bring your children along. Instead of making them do errands or sit back with their mommy. Why not up the game a little bit and ask them to give you a hand in fishing. This will surely make the bond to become stronger between the family and the uninterrupted connection between you and your kids.

If you are a beginner and have never caught a fish before well this might be your lucky trip. Set up the perimeter and aim for the most prominent accumulation of fish. You might get lucky. Don’t be afraid of the boundaries, be smart enough to bring the necessary weapons to even the playing field.
Have a fantastic vacation this weekend and happy hunting!


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