Seven Tips to Help Boost Your Facebook Page’s Visibility and Viral Velocity

Creating and publishing great content is so crucial in today’s social media marketplace and the more viewers of your content, the better. Valuable content that one shares is important but so are so many other elements to help your content reach the most people including timing, frequency, using photos, and much more. Whether it is for Facebook, Google+, or other similar social media sites where you are looking to have your posts be spread, here are seven tips to increase your posts to be ‘shared’ and seen by the multitudes!

  1. Be consistent!  It’s so important to post at least once a day to let your fans know that your page is active and that there’s someone on the other end. Simple visibility can do so much and those in marketing know that it usually takes a viewer or potential customer several times of seeing the brand, in action, before taking action to buy or interact.
  2. Timing!  Do some studying and testing of your own pages and/or find the best time for other similar pages that post that generate the most interaction and feedback. Restaurants and other similar pages seem to get better results from posting in the morning, opposed to afternoon or evening. Other pages might be better suited for posting in the late afternoon and evening. Test, test, test.
  3. Use variety in your postings. Not every post should be pictures…nor should be all text posts. Using video, pictures, and text, etc change up your postings and your fans will appreciate the changes.
  4. Keep text posts short.  Research has found that text posts with less than three complete lines (100-150 characters), have a 60% more chance of being “liked,” shared and more.
  5. Call to Action!  Do your posts ask…or expect a response? If not, it’s time to be more purposeful to get and grab the attention of those seeing your messages.
  6. Have a little fun! Probably not all the time but every once in awhile… throw in some memes, if it works for your page. Maybe a cat picture? Whatever may work for your page…those seeing your page and social media enjoy smiling and laughing… you can help!
  7. Create an Infographic or List to share. Everyone seems to love infographics and are very shareable if it has great information on it.

These are just some of the ways to expand your Facebook and social media’s pages reach and viral potential.

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