3 Social Media Strategies & Social Media Can Help Boost SEO

Google Panda, Penguin and other updates took its toll on many websites and some may never recover unless with the help of a digital marketing company that can provide organic SEO to regain what may have been lost. While some are still reeling, many websites have been able to weather the storm and getting back on track for Google’s recognition.

While it may or may not be possible to get back to the top page without organic SEO help, an interactive and engaging social media presence can help lead you higher in Google’s rankings. Especially if your competition is not as active on social media. Some of Google’s latest algorithm changes have signalled that the customers online may play a bigger part in how a website may get ranked and where it may land in search.

Some understand social media’s close connection to online reputation management (ORM) and how the two fit together to present a picture of your online reputation in the best possible way. The more people that are talking about your brand/website from +1′s, retweets. Mentions, shares, likes, etc, show that your website is authoritative.

Here are a few ways to help boost your social media presence:

1) Increase your social media awareness and influence.

Though, it’s great to have a ton of followers and fans to your social media pages, it’s much more important to have engaged followers and fans that are more interactive on your pages. Either find them or learn what you may have to do to wake up the people connected to your page to have them start talking about your page again. Network with others in your industry or who you believe would be a great match to follow your brand. Engage with others and be involved through various online groups.

2) Have a presence and be active on many social media pages.

Having a Facebook and Twitter account created is not where it ends but for many businesses, it does. What about the importance of having an optimized Google+ business page or LinkedIn page. Or even Pinterest? One never knows where a quality lead may come through and may come through one of multitude of smaller networks. Research to see which ones may be best for your brand.

3) Encourage your staff to be ambassadors of your company.

With the guidance and leadership of upper management. Encouraging your staff to post, retweet, share and make comments can be a driving force for others to see your brand on their social media channels. Being social media ‘evangelists’ can make a big difference and if chosen. Needs to be a constant reminder to the team. And hoping they have the desire to see this through for the vision of where your company is going. Strategies Social Media 

These are just a few social media tips that working along an ethical. Proven SEO company can bring the results back for websites back to the top of Google’s rankings.


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