Social Media Resolutions for Your Business for [2019]

Most people try to make New Year’s resolutions or goals for the coming year. In many cases, they may start off great but the goals and efforts made in the first weeks don’t usually carry through the end of the year..

Such is the case for those in some businesses with their social media postings. At the beginning when a new business dives into social media posting, often times a social media page may start strong but the interest of posting seems to wane and an outsider may wonder what happened.

As we start the new year, businesses should re-think their social media goals and plan to commit to post on a frequent basis.

Here are five keys for your business to why to commit to being more “social” in 2014.

1) Tailor your social networks to your business. Is it really necessary to have 30 different social media pages for your business? It is important to utilize the main few or handful that will best benefit your business. It is hard to go wrong from creating a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn company page but one or more may not be necessary. Use to your strengths and then be creative on reaching as many people as possible through these channels.

2) Network, network, network. It’s important in how to be creative in what you are doing. Planning, strategizing, and then reach out to grow your circle of influence. Tweeting to ten people is not going to grow your brand and followers to its full potential. Networking can and is time consuming but how can you afford to miss. Out on reaching new friends for life that can become mutually beneficial?

3) Post more pictures. Whether it’s inside the office, having fun outside the office. Your coffee at the office or your cat. People love pictures and are more engaging to those who see them, especially on Facebook. Pictures can catch the emotion of someone or when sent with a question, can generate a great response. Small business social media resolutions for the new year

4) Fine tune your writing skills… or hire one. At least to me, bad grammar or misspelled words are a turn-off and bug me. I always catch them on a local news channel and even some TV commercials and I wonder how they can even get through and posted for thousands or millions to see. Some others may feel the same way and if they do.  See your business or agency in a lesser way. It may not have anything to with the quality of your business but this visual way of how your business is ‘portrayed’ can be a deal breaker to some.

5) Communicate…and then keep doing this. It is so important to know what is happening inside the company and that employees can know key issues as well. When this is done, then updates and certain things can be communicated through social media channels to let customers know what is happening too.


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