Tips for Better Results Facebook Graph Search Optimizing

When Facebook released its Graph Search recently, marketers have been quickly learning and studying how this new search tool could be used. As we dive into this today, we’ll look at how Facebook’s new Graph Search affects B2B marketing and how those on Facebook can optimize their profile pages to be found more.

Graph Search is almost suredly being tweaked as Facebook is looking to make this a complete search tool for Facebook properties, unlike Google’s, which searches the entire Web. There seems to be many questions on the accuracy of some searches and the results that are returned.

Here are a few keys for business owners to better optimize being found:

* Update your Facebook Fanpage.

Have you completed every part of your page’s information area, the best you can? Listed hours open, website URL, address, use of keywords are just a few of the important areas to  be sure are shown. The more information, the better your chance for your fanpage to show up on the new Graph Search.

*  Likes, Check-ins, Reviews, & Recommendations.

Another area what the Graph Search will account for is the interaction and positive feedback about your Facebook page. Do people offer you recommendations on your fanpage, positive reviews, and check-in to your location? Some of this seems a bit crazy but  Facebook wants to reward pages that are more active and have more activity by others on their pages. Also, the more “likes” and “check-ins”…the better!

* Optimize the content that you share.

To gain a higher ranking on Graph Search, engagement and new ‘likes’ to your fanpage are very important. Also, it’s important to use main keywords that relate to your fanpage’s purpose and on topic. Engage back with those that engage with your page. Include large photos from time to time because they attract more engagement and likes.

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