Top 10 Best WordPress Themes For Writers

Best WordPress Themes For Writers

Best WordPress Themes For Writers – Whether you are a copywriter, journalist, blogger or any other kind of write, there’s a theme out there precisely designed for you. WordPress is a Blogging platform which comes with plenty of themes for writers.

In fact, every theme of WordPress is appropriate and suitable for bloggers to post their contents. A lot of WordPress themes are difficult to handle just because of many features. The additional features, a related writer like you will comprehend, can engage you and lead to a pretty common writer’s block.

So if you are a blogger or want to be a creative writer, you will need to search for a Best WordPress themes for writers that must have clean, easy to use, great typography, portfolio support, and minimal design.

Top 10 Best WordPress Themes For Writers
Top 10 Best WordPress Themes For Writers

Although, in the beginning, WordPress was only considered as a platform for writers, now it has changed their features and adds unlimited multi-purpose CMS that we use today. Nowadays, WordPress is one of the most useful platforms that release of a stream of themes that are entirely packed with web UI elements, conceivable layout and obviously, options pages that enable you to make your website without ever writing a single line of code. WordPress themes for writer’s aid you create your portfolio or sample for selling your online freelancing services.

You can also make use of these WP themes to create portfolios of your new eBook, story or novel. A lot of writers prefer WordPress themes especially for beginners to start their own wide blogs or to share their ideas and thoughts with others.

Before writing this guide I’ve done much deep research, diving into the huge depths of WordPress themes out there, to focus the best WordPress themes for writers.

Why should you Need a perfect WordPress themes for writers?

When it comes to writing and blogging about anything online, the best and most preferred platform is surely WordPress. If you are a professional writer who wants a perfect WordPress theme to show their content to users then WordPress is a great way to start out your website. There are both free and premium WordPress themes available for writers on the internet, so you need to choose the one that fulfills your needs as well as your user’s requirements.

WordPress is a minimal and clean platform that is perfect for those writers who wish to make personal website or blog with simple effects and artistic features to make viewers feel the pleasure of reading articles and blog posts. There are plenty of WordPress blog themes available for writers that mix between classic, advanced and minimal styles and will aid you to design a clean and simple blog site.

Before picking the best writing theme you need to answer a few questions that are mention below:

  • If you are a professional blogger and want to make a pro blog website? Then you can choose any of WordPress writing theme because it’s one of the best and ideal picks for you! .

The WordPress themes are pretty easy to set up and are super simple to customize, also you will get responsive, well crafted, high-quality blog website out of the box to make site readers only focuses on your writing content. In addition to, WordPress themes for writers have a great typography to make your followers and users focus on every single word you post on your website.

  • If you are not a native writer and want to make responsive, incredibly stylish and easy to use blog website? Then you should need a perfect WordPress theme for writers. You can’t go wrong with any WordPress theme, so choose the one that has an aesthetic, stylish and layout most conducive to the one you require and it’s sure to be a great fit.
  • In spite of what kind of writer you are, you need the best theme for your website that features your writings with stunning photos and other media. Above we discussed the Best WordPress themes for a writer that enable you to cheaply and quickly design a creative blog website with a content focused incredible typography and design to share your blog posts, short stories or long articles with the world.

Use only reliable sources of themes

It’s pretty significant not to choose themes that templates can be download from unknown sources. Consider only reliable or official sources of themes. This guarantees no spam links, viruses, or no errors in coding. So if you are choosing the best WordPress theme for writers, then the safest source is an official WP blog website, which has multiple themes for writers to select from: from premium to free ones.

When going through a reliable source for selecting and downloading the theme template, you need to also check reviews and ensure that the theme you selected is still supported and users are receiving quick answers to their questions.

How to Choose a perfect WordPress themes for writers?

When it comes to choosing a perfect WordPress theme for a writer’s blog website, one can find a huge amount of both premium and free options available.

On the other hand, when you are searching for the perfect WordPress theme for starting your website, you should consider some of the main features. These aspects can help you explore the accurate theme that suits your writing needs. Below, will show you some factors that you need to find in a writing theme before choosing it.

Consider User Experience & Design :

The main aim of WordPress writing theme should be to ensure professionalism and aesthetic of the writing altogether.

Find out the accurate platform where you can easily explore many options. is one of the best places to find the right writing themes for your reliable and professional blog website. In addition, you have to pass some time looking at the demo to judge whether your blog websites provides a curious look, is user-friendly or stimulates readers.

To be brief, you have to choose a WordPress writing theme that is cross-browser friendly and established keeping suitability of users in mind.


Explore the theme that quickly loads your page content on your website, also enhance the general user experience but also better site ranking in Google search engines.

It is always suggested to avoid any type of slow-moving themes. Themes that have a lot of JS animation, featuring more than 10 different sliders and 20 pre-installed plugins should be avoided as well. Also, it is significant to make use of a WordPress theme that is in sync and up-to-date with the modern coding standards.


When it comes to choosing the best WordPress theme for writers then you must need to select a theme having high-security standards. Security is a significant feature to consider, there are many factors that disturb the WordPress website security including plugins, hosting, and password strength.

Before buying writing WordPress theme, you should research slightly more regarding it through reading the reviews of customers on platforms like theem’on, ThemeForest etc. This tells authenticity as well as transparency of the theme. If there are few issues available in security, then ask developer and they could have fixed them. So, it’s significant to deeply research before buying a theme.

Easy to customize

Nowadays, you may explore plenty of WordPress theme for writers that come with a customization dashboard. Using these dashboards, creators can resolve the issue of having to make direct changes to style sheets. In addition, there are few additional plugins like Visual Page Editor that have made it easy to create difficult structures of the page even without having to touch the single line of code.

Choose responsive WordPress themes for writers

The responsive behavior of the theme has been helping writers accommodates to different devices and screen sizes and also draws a large number of audience that frequently comes from handheld devices including mobile.

There are multiple themes available for a writer that is responsive as well. So, you have to make sure choosing a responsive theme that supports handheld devices to bring advanced and fresh opportunities.

After choosing a responsive WordPress theme for writers, companies can run a demo on a tool to check while the theme functions greatly for their website or not.

Choose Simplicity over Everything

These days, many WordPress themes for writers feature multifaceted layouts, many colors, flashy animations and much more. These writing themes could attract your website content at the same time but do not do expectedly great for your blog website.

So, you always need to choose a best WordPress theme for writers having a simple design of the layout. Such a simple design of layout will help you match your writing aims.

In addition to, the theme design should not be complex because it should aid readers to search the content they require. With the help of such writing themes, businesses can gain their aims within a less period of time.

Final Verdict

Above listed some of the key points to consider when choosing the best WordPress theme for writers. These factors will help you select the accurate one even with modern features that you are searching for.

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