What are Google’s biggest ranking factors

Majority of website administrators are constantly updating their sites to ensure that they are constantly displayed on the first page of search engines such as Google. This regular activity can be exhausting even when done by a seo company, as the ranking factors set up by Google are frequently being changed for the benefit of online users.

According to Google, there are at least two hundred ranking signals within their algorithm which they use to rank websites as well as pages. It is therefore important for businesses that rely on search engine optimization as part of their online marketing to have a better understanding of these ranking factors.

In most cases, working with a seo company to maintain as well as update the site, makes it much easier to adhere to the rules put up by Google and still get high rankings on the site. Professionals in seo are able to make appropriate changes according to the ranking factors thus lifting off the burden from business owners.

Although it is important to have an idea of all the ranking factors used by Google, there are some that are considered to be crucial if a company is maintain or even increase its rankings on the search engine. Some of these biggest ranking factors that affect search engine optimization are:

  • Page-level factors

The content displayed on the website plays a big role in successful seo and plays an important role in its ranking. Google prefers longer articles with relevant information and keywords as opposed to superficial articles. The use of target keywords is important both within the content and title pages as well. When ranking pages, Google relies on the title tag displayed to have an idea of the topic on the page, thus making it important to have a keyword as part of the title so that it can be ranked higher.

  • Back link factors

Link building is an important factor when building a website because Google uses the links to determine the level of ranking that will be assigned to a site. The back links used should be of high quality and should quickly direct people to the site. Furthermore, the number of back links that direct online users to the website contributes a lot to its ranking, meaning that they should be quite a number for ranking on the search engine to be higher.

  • Social signal factors

Regular sharing of content from the site through a wide variety of social networks increases its overall authority resulting in better search visibility for its pages. If the Facebook or twitter accounts that are sharing the content are popular then it carries more weight with Google. Therefore, it is crucial for online users to share the content as Google pays attention to the social signals, whether through Google plus, Facebook and even twitter.

Overall, becoming familiar with these Google ranking factors is a good start towards improving seo on your site, whether you are working with a seo company or not.

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