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Teaming up With The Forces of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

About the X-COM game:

X-com – Firaxis Games is a gaming firm that has developed and 2K Games has published this cool action game X-com: Enemy Unknown. It has players fighting the evil alien forces. The earth is plagued by an alien invasion, and that is why a team of heroes and military called X-com are teaming up. The game is full of turn-back tactics and action as the name suggests, which exactly make it thrilling. The game’s USP is the missions, which the player has to lead and use his skills and smartness to strategize too. The game developers supposedly got their inspiration from UFO Enemy Unknown.

About the development:

X-com: Enemy Unknown began in 2008 with a team of 50 members. Though the game’s storyline took inspiration from UFO Enemy Unknown, which was a popular game in the nineties, the treatment was different. The game developers added and brought in changes that only improved the style and appearance along with building some more tactic-based alterations.
About the developer: X-com,  Firaxis Games is a Maryland-based video game developing company. The company works on employing newer features, and brings in a lot of dynamism that makes the game more enjoyable.
About the designer: Jake Solomon and Ananda Gupta are the two designers who created XCOM: Enemy Unknown game.
Release Date: This game was out on October 9, 2012.
Mode: It is available in single player and multiplayer modes.
Platforms: Players can play on Microsoft Windows, Linux OS, PlayStation Vita, OS X, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Xbox 360.
System Configuration: In order to play this game, the players would need 2 GHz Dual Core. NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT is the Video card that would be ideal to run this game. The game would need free space of 20 GB.

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