Youtube playback error – How To Solve

Youtube playback error , how to solve? Here the solution How to Overcome Unable to Play YouTube Video on Android due to error retry later can be done with this trick. As one of the video content providers, YouTube is the most visited by people from all over the world. Where now to access these services is very easy to do through Android smartphones and tablets.

But not a few users who want to watch a video on YouTube is having problems. For example there may be some errors like “Check youtube network connection” , “There was an error, touch to try again” or “an error occurred please try again later . ” Then how can this happen? And how to Overcome Can not Play YouTube Video on Android this?

Causes Youtube Video Can not Play

Some users may experience more severe problems. Like the youtube app can not be opened which displays a description of “force close” to “unfortunately youtube has stopped” . The cause of youtube app can not play any video can be caused by several reasons. For example a common cause of “error retry later” is due to a slow internet connection. But it could also be because of the many uses of RAM by other applications so burdensome smartphone and finally make youtube out itself. More See: Youtube Playback Error: How to fix it?

1. Turn off Smartphone To Start Network / Internet Connection From Scratch .
When the YouTube app is error and can not play the video, the first thing you should suspect is an internet connection. Signals from the SIM card service that sometimes down can affect the speed of our internet connection. For that, turn off the smartphone and then unplug the battery and SIM card. Leave it for a few seconds then attach it back and reboot.
2. Force Stop and Delete Data .
One of the tricks how to open youtube that can not be opened let alone play the video is to delete the data stored. If your youtube app often stops and goes out on its own, do this step. But, all data will be deleted including offline youtube video. How to tap Settings »Application manager» YouTube then tap the “Force Stop” and “Delete Data” button .
3. YouTube Application Update .
The latest version of YouTube app will usually be better than the old version in terms of both streaming speed and security. For that update the youtube application that allows us to get bug fixing causes errors while playing the video.
4. Do not Do Multi-Tasking .
For low-end smartphone users who want to stream on youtube, make it a habit to close the other applications you just used. For example facebook or line applications. Both of these applications take a lot of ram which could be the cause of streaming video on youtube slow or slow.
5. Reconnect Wifi Network .
Especially for you who use connection via wifi. One way to solve the youtube error on Android and always an error is to delete the wifi network that is currently connected. The goal is to reconnect the wifi network from scratch. How, tap Settings »Wifi» select the name of the wifi network then tap “Forgot” or “Forgot”.
6. Delete Google Play Service Data . 
How to overcome can not play youbube video on android next is to delete google play service data. This you can do if you have done root or upgrade Android OS to the latest version. The trick is tapSettings »Application manager» Google Play Services »Organize Storage» Delete All Data .
7. Use Third Party Applications .
Free music for YouTube: Stream is an application that I often use to play songs from youtube quickly. Not only that, this youtube alternative app also has many features and can play streaming video with full screen view of youtube official application.In conclusion, How to Overcome Unable to Play YouTube Video on Android can be done by following some solutions above. But the most important thing when we will watch youtube video in Android app is a fast internet connection. Because how ever this is the main factor in order not to re-appear errors or other errors.

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